emergency telephone troubleshooting for maintenance

Emergency telephone troubleshooting for maintenance

If there is an industrial emergency telephone fails, these methods can help you solve it.

If there is a problem with an industrial emergency telephone on your site and you do not have any idea how to deal with it, no need panic, here are the useful methods that could be used to help you find out the cause and solve the problem by the shortest time:

1. Visual inspection method for the emergency telephone. The appearance visual inspection method refers to the method of judging the problem through the visual display on the outside of the outdoor emergency telephone. You can find out whether the emergency telephone line, network cable, internal telephone PCB or the other parts of the phone are loose and falling; whether the screws and switches are fixed or not; whether the various switches are in the normal position and working well.

industrial telephone maintenance

Anyway, this is the easiest way to check out the problems. so you may take it as the first method to try. If the problem still exists with the emergency telephone, then we can try the second method as the following:

2. Restart the emergency telephone or restore factory settings. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, restore the factory settings for the faulty phone. After the emergency telephone restarted, you can check the problems again. It may disappear without any reason just because of the system failure. System failure often happens in electronic products, so you do not need to worry about it too much. However a very stable system is very important to our client on-site, our weather-resistance telephones have been tested more than 1,000 times to verify the stability and we have got very good results, the failure chance of our outdoor IP67 telephone, public inmate jail telephone, and blue light telephone, ECB call box, window intercom is less than 1%.

3. The method of measuring the current of the emergency phone. The method of measuring the current of the emergency phone is an indispensable step for repairing the phone. Its specific implementation is to connect the multi-meter with direct current to the emergency telephone line to detect the working current of the telephone when on-hook and off-hook.

Emergency telephone troubleshooting for maintenance

After that, we can know if the emergency phone’s core parts were damaged by the wrong current or there is no current. We could change some parts and measure it again until we can analyze the reason for the breakdown. Normally we had delivered the 1%-3% spare parts with good along to the client, in case there is break down issue, our client can change it directly without any time-delay or extra cost. This way needs the support of our client’s engineer team on site.

4. The best way if the problem still exists. Please contact our support team for helping (info@heoztech.com). We are giving the 3 years warranty time for all of the products. For three years from the date of purchase, the weatherproof telephone is warranted against any defects in hardware components or software.

The HeoZ offers free replacements for complete weatherproof telephone or components within 120 days. For the products under the free warranty period, HeoZ is responsible for one-way freight.

This limited warranty is conditioned upon the proper use of the weatherproof emergency telephone. If you believe that you have a warranty claim, please be prepared to give the following information:Model Number, PI Number, Serial Number, and a brief description of the problem. We are always here to help!

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