Window Intercom

Window Intercom

HeoZ window intercom is an affordable system suitable for environments with low ambient noise.

The Window Intercoms are widely used for bank counters, payment windows, movie theaters, hospitals, theme parks, stadiums, etc. HeoZ’s anti-interference handsfree security intercom provides support for clear communications when speech is impaired by the use of glass, a security screen, or other counter security systems.

This window intercom system includes a mounted microphone for the customer side and a microphone with a round base for the staff side.

Connecting wire, power supply, and installation screws are all included. Half-duplex or full-duplex version option. Our device offers protection against water, chemicals, dust, and dirt ingress. During the conduction, the staff needs to talk something private with a colleague, then staff can press the key on the master station to turn to be mute so that the customer would not hear the private dialogue.

These dual-way window intercoms greatly improve the transaction between the customer and the staff.  With a variety of designs, they can be fitted into any screen or barrier. Click the option below to view the HeoZ window intercom models.

Model: HZ-WI01

Window Intercom

Model: HZ-WI02

Security Intercom

Model: HZ-WI03

Talk-through Intercom

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