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Welcome Agents from Singapore  

Welcome agents from Singapore of our emergency telephones.

After 4 years of cooperation, our customer Mr. Stantos will become the first agent of the HeoZ team in Singapore. “A good foundation of trust, professional and fast service, and flexible project support are the reasons why I want to be your agent here,” Mr. Santos said.

How to become a distributor with HeoZ?

1. To be our distributors means you will sell HeoZ’s emergency telephone terminals or systems in your market with the end-user directly. And provide a range of services such as technical support, projects consulting, warranty and repair services for local customers too.

2. To be our distributors means you will work with us together to develop and contact the existing and new local customers, to help us to understand the local business culture and practices better. To be a key contact between HeoZ and the local end-users.

3. To be our distributors means you can show HeoZ’s main waterproof telephones and vandal-proof telephones and other hot sell public telephones products on your company website. Your catalog and your local address. Our team will provide you all documents support.

4. To be our distributors means you will attend the related trade show with HeoZ’s SoS telephone samples to achieve the new sale opportunities. Trade shows are one of the most powerful ways to help you build good business and grow your sales. Our team will provide the samples and trade show fee suppo

What are the benefits of being our agent?

1. Higher Profits for telecommunication projects. You have a competitive edge in your area. When you strike a deal with us that causes you to become the distributor in your area, the HeoZ team will offer you the distributor price that allows you to create valuable price points and you never have to worry about being undersold by a competitor who carries the same brand and products.

2. The best support from the HeoZ team. Our other clients often complain about the dissatisfaction with their supplier’s response time or Unprofessional service. And seems that when meeting some problems they are left to handle these alone. When they attempt to reach out to a supplier about a product, they are treated as a number and aren’t valued. We are promising that this situation will never happen in our team, however, when you have a distributor partnership with us, we will arrange the over 3 years experience sale team to support you, Don’t spend your valuable time dealing with customer service nightmares or lost revenue; we have your back. If a question arises with a product we’ve sold, we will protect you. This ensures that you remain in good standing with your customers and can focus your energy on more important aspects of running your business.

3. Increase your market share. When you become our distributor, you will have a dedicated business development account manager to help improve your business, identify areas for growth and support you with sales and product training: we will help you to do sample testing for each model you required, and make the stock for your in-hand projects, save the logistic time and cost for you, we will help you to sell good quality products for every application and tailored solutions for every one of your customers and to help you access infinite opportunities in expanding markets. And building the stronger brand of your company in your market. 

It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small. In our business, we are always looking for ways to grow. Becoming a distributor is an excellent first step in growing and expanding your business. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but we have found that the business relationships developed over the years are imperative to the growth of our company. It only takes one phone call, email, or meeting to get the ball rolling. It’s your opportunity to seize. Make the most of it, and enjoy the benefits that come from being a distributor.

Make it happen! If you would like to learn more about the benefits and rewards of becoming a HeoZ Distributor in your area, please contact us at info@heoztech.com. We will be pleased to discuss in more detail how we can mutually grow our business together.

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