outdoor scenic spots emergency telephone

3 Minutes to understand the outdoor scenic spots emergency telephone

HeoZ’s outdoor scenic area spots solar-powered blue light emergency telephone is a tourist help telephone or scenic help hotline telephone. It is a special telephone set in tourist attractions for the convenience of tourists when they need emergency help during travel.

Why is it necessary to set an outdoor scenic spots emergency telephone in a public area or remote area?

1. HeoZ’s waterproof emergency help telephone can adapt to harsh weather such as outdoor, wind, rain, snow, and frost, and can be used normally for a long time in harsh environments.

2. Simple and convenient to use. The user can always get in touch with the control center for help in the shortest time

Blue Light Emergency Phone Tower
Blue Light Emergency Phone

What are the good features of our outdoor scenic spots emergency telephones?

1. Asking for help: Tourists can immediately talk to the control room service center by pressing the emergency button on any telephone terminal for help.

2. Quick positioning: Each terminal is assigned a number, the service center can immediately determine the location of the incident from any incoming calls.

3. Broadcasting: In crowded areas, the tourist help telephone system can be integrated with the broadcasting function.

4. Linkage monitoring: In the monitoring area, as long as there are people to presses the help phone to make a call, the emergency help telephone will send a trigger signal to the central video surveillance system, and the video surveillance system in the dispatch room will automatically switch the screen to the waterproof outdoor phone area.

5. Reporting emergencies: Outdoor emergency call boxes are installed in cliffs, valleys, deep forests, and other remote environments. When encountering sudden emergency cases, they will report to the police immediately.

What is the most common emergency telephone solution for outdoor scenic spots?

1. The solar-powered wireless blue light telephone tower phones are the hottest sellers model. Solar-powered for GSM version tower phone.

2. The PoE powered blue light emergency tower phone is the hot sell model. The handset and hands-free for optional.

3. The emergency call box & intercom. 3G and SIP VoIP is mostly an application for our finished project.

4. The GSM and SIP VoIP integration solution, here is combined system for one phone with 2 version PCBs, the GSM system is the priority communication channel and the VoIP version system is the back up when wireless system had broken down.
5. The acoustic phone booth to installed on wall or pillar, To protect the emergency call station from noise and rain & du

Solar Blue Light Emergency Telephone
Blue Light Emergency Telephone Tower

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