Telephone PCB Board

Telephone PCB Board

All our Telephone PCB Boards are designed and produced in compliance with the standard.

These phone circuit boards are often called telephone mainboards, telephone circuit boards, or telephone PCBs. These PCBs are ideal for HeoZ emergency telephones or other brand public telephones, video intercom, car parking lot systems, elevator intercoms, paging announcements, ATM machines, etc.

Version Options: Analog, VoIP, and GSM (3G/ 4G). Function Options: Handset, hands-free, hotline, speed-dial, redial, transfer, mute, video, keypad, intercom, PAGA, dry contacts, LCD screen, LED, volume control, induction loop.

One of our main strengths is its superb quality. Meanwhile, the HeoZ telephone circuit board gives you more options to directly customize your solution. Welcome to contact us for assistance in selecting or designing the perfect PCB Boards for your unique needs.

Model: HZ-TB01
Analogue phone PCB Board

Model: HZ-TB02

Model: HZ-TB03
GSM Telephone PCB Board

Model: HZ-TB04
VoIP Video PCB 

Model: HZ-TB05
Industrial Phone SIP VoIP Borad 

Model: HZ-TB06
Video PCB 

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