two-way window in bank counter

Window Intercom System Serves the Bank in Peru

The window intercom system serves the bank in Peru from HeoZ technology.

We are proud to announce that regarding the final good progress of the bank of Chile’s Security Window Intercom System project, we have provided 500 pcs two-way voice intercoms to customers every quarter. Because of the severity of COVID-19, our analog and SIP intercom product continues to be popular in the market because it has the advantage of being able to talk with zero-touch & hands-free.

What is the window intercom system?

HeoZ window/counter intercom is a dual-way device, intercom system for communicating through a window or barrier. It is often called window security intercom & security intercoms or talk-through intercoms, the material is SUS 304 or industrial level plastic. It comprises a microphone base and a customer speaker. The microphone base is placed inside the counter window for staff to communicate with customers outside the window over the customer speaker. Both the units are amplified and include volume controls for loud and clear communication.

Where are the window intercom system applications?

Window/counter intercoms are designed to provide communication through a barrier to ensure the staff’s security and safety and to provide easy communication. Window intercoms are ideally suited for theaters, sports venues, race tracks, concert venues, hospital receptions, clinics, aged care visiting rooms, money exchange counters, gas stations, chemist shops, bank counters, drive-ins, retail night service windows, movie theaters, stadiums, theme parks, payment windows, government agencies, police departments, and correctional facilities, etc.

window intercom system for ticket booth

What are the advantages of window intercoms system?

1. Independent volume control, greatly improves the transaction between the customer and the agent.

2. Easy to install, just to make a small hole of about 0.5-1 inches in glass; connect the external machine cable to the host through a small hole.

3. Two-way voice intercom communications technology, clear communications eliminate errors, greatly decreased office noise levels.

4. Easy to use, automatically identify the processing speech signals during a call, the window speaker doesn’t require any action.

5. Without touch, handsfree. No need for any contacts to avoid the risk of Infectious diseases, such as covid-19.

How to use the window intercom?

1. When using window intercoms, the distance between the speaker and the microphone should not exceed 25 cm to prevent the other side from being unable to hear the sound.

2. The internal and external speakers should not be too close to avoid noise.

3. This window intercom is half-duplex, and cannot be input and output at the same time to avoid the intermittent sound.

We have many different window intercoms are available. Whenever you have the interest or requirements for our intercom products, please contact us for assistance in selecting or designing the perfect system for your unique needs. More successful project and new products development will notify all of our important customers as soon as we finish it. Our team is always professional, efficient, and flexible to support you.

For over 5 years, the HeoZ team has been manufacturing reliable and efficient emergency telephone products while offering a variety of practical and flexible emergency telephone solutions. We value every word from you, if you have any requirement or suggestion for our window intercom devices, please email us at, we will respond to you for the first time when we receive your messages.
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