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Why HeoZ GSM intercom kit? 10 Features for our GSM communications solution.

GSM intercom kit is quickly and easily installed, requires no wiring, and operates immediately. It is a fantastic solution for highway traffic management projects, tower blocks, and villa access control. How do I choose a suitable wireless communication solution for my project? If any bug, how can I upgrade firmware? Can I customize the GSM PCB? These are common questions our clients ask. With this in mind, we have put together a summary of the options for people who need GSM intercom system.

HeoZ GSM intercom communication solution provide a number of useful features:

1. The HeoZ GSM PCB compliant GSM emergency telephones support 2G, 3G ,or 4G modules.

2. It works virtually anywhere in the world and picks up on differentWorking Frequency Rage: GSM Frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHZ (WCDMA850/1900Mhz is an option).

3. A range of power supply options are available, including12V DC, 24V DC, battery.

4. Ultra-low power consumption, standby current less than 3mA.

5. Operating temperature range:-40℃ to +85℃. Echo cancellation, upgrade online.

6. Hotline, speed dial, rollover, fixed time call, Limited time call are available.

7. Remote programming and diagnostics via SMS.

8. Auto-dial numbers are remotely programmable.

9. Keypad can also be used for coded access control.

10. Optional relay outputs.

The GSM-based emergency call box is used at highways, smart roads under smart city projects, Toll Plaza, and campus, etc.

What functions of the HeoZ GSM highway calling system have?

  • IP65/ IP67 Weatherproof, tamper-proof cold-rolled steel housing.
  • Push the button and you will be immediately connected to the help center.
  • The GSM emergency roadside call box can continue to call 2 consecutive numbers if the first number failed.
  • Induction loop option.
  • Lightning protection standard to ITU-T K21.
  • Rechargeable battery with solar-powered panel available. (Standby time up to 355 hours).
  • SMS programming.
  • HeoZ GSM Emergency call box with customized priority management for 24/7 customer service.
  • HeoZ GSM Emergency Call Box
    GSM Intercom Emergency Call Box

    A GSM access control, at its core, has a single purpose to control access to the facility.

    How to choose the GSM intercom access control system for a villa?

  • A number of users requiring access. As usual, the villa may have a number of access locations for staff, guests, and visitors.
  • The type of access control such as the Administrators simply press * (star) key on their phone to open door or gate, or the visitors use the keypad to access control. RFID cards and fingerprint identification are options.
  • Relay latching time. It can be set for 0-999 seconds. 0 indicates that the relay is closed for 0.5 seconds then it breaks off.
  • Query the current state of the device via SMS.
  • Troubleshooting. The program tool will send with the GSM intercoms.
  • Installation methods: Wall mounting or flush mounting.
  • Waterproof Grade and Good antenna.
  • Why choose HeoZ GSM Intercom Kit?

    HeoZ team is the trusted supplier for wireless communication for over six years and has delivered reliable GSM intercoms and solutions to the global market. In the past six years, we have successfully installed succor GSM intercom kits in Singapore, Chile, Peru, New Zealand, Austria, and the UK.

    We are able to supply both standard and customized GSM communication solutions such as GSM highway telephone, GSM elevator intercom, GSM door phone intercom, GSM Clean Room phone. Our solution is flexible, It’s much easier and way less expensive to retain customers. All items carry our exclusive 3 years warranty!

    Also, we’d like to provide OEM services for the hardware and software of the GSM intercom telephone. MOQ is one set. The most effective way to retain clients is by offering a good service experience. At HeoZ, we are not providing the products but also extensive after-sales support. If you are looking for an easy to install, maintain and operate GSM intercom kit, tell us what your project needs, and we will offer the right solution for you.

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