industrial emergency telephone

What is an industrial emergency telephone?

An industrial emergency telephone or vandal-proof emergency phone is a telephone installed in places for emergency help by any people who need it urgently. such as in transportation, public safety, industrial areas, hazardous areas, and other applications. The main function of the emergency phone is that when an accident occurs, it must be used for asking for emergency help by users with easy operation and reliability in any harsh environments. Emergency telephones have completely different requirements for their performance and functions according to different use environments.

The application fields of common weatherproof emergency telephones include 4 large scene applications.

1.Transportation: subway, railway, tunnel, highway, airport, bus station, etc. If we take the expressway as an example, it is used as a roadside emergency telephone set beside the expressway. When a car breaks down on the expressway, the user can quickly get in touch with the expressway management center. The expressway telephone set is generally installed on highway roadside, using optical fiber or wireless transmission(2G or 3G), when the user presses the emergency button, it can be directly connected to the highway management center or the traffic police corps. The protection level of the highway roadside phone for help is generally IP65/67, contractors can use solar energy as a power source, adopt optical fiber and wireless transmission methods, and the hotline phone number can be stored freely through local or remotely.

2.Public safety: parking lots, prisons, clean rooms, campuses, outdoor parks, elevators, etc. According to different usage environments, public telephones have different functional and specific requirements for end-users. For example, when we use them for elevators, subway stations, train stations, bus stations, airports, in order to ensure the overall aesthetics, generally use the embedded mounted and hotline emergency Phone.  Most of its functions are to press the emergency button to get in touch with the service center or management center. However, the prison application needs equipment with a higher level of anti-violence. Such public inmate& jail telephones generally require the protection level of IK10, and the functions are convenient to set up hands-free hotline dialing, or free dialing numbers.

3.Industrial area: factories, power stations, mining areas, etc. If we take the mine application as an example, it is well known that when a mine accident occurs on a mire site, it is difficult to grasp the location of underground personnel and the conditions of the underground site during rescue work. At this time, it will be extremely important that the mine emergency phone under the mine can communicate with the call center. Therefore, the telephone must be able to be used normally for a long time in a high (tide) wet harsh environment. The mine and industrial areas have the highest reliable requirements for underground emergency telephone sets.  

4. Hazardous area: oil& gas drilling platforms, nuclear power plants, maritime, etc.
For applications in hazardous areas, such as oil drill platforms, nuclear power plants, where there are a lot of flammable and explosive gases or liquids, the hazardous emergency telephones used in this area must meet the characteristics of waterproof and explosion-proof.
The protection level of explosion-proof telephones used in this area generally requires IP66/67 and has internationally recognized ATEX and IECEX certification. For more information about the emergency telephone system solution, please kindly check our emergency communication solution web page.

All in all, industrial emergency telephones can also be classified according to factors such as function, protection level, material, and price. If you have any questions about our emergency telephone, please feel free to get in touch with us, our technical team will share all the information with you.

Our team is always professional, efficient, and flexible to support you. For over 5 years, the HeoZ team has been manufacturing reliable and efficient industrial emergency telephone products while offering a variety of practical and flexible emergency telephone solutions. We value every word from you, if you have any requirement or suggestion for our heavy-duty telephone devices, please email us at, we will respond to you for the first time when we receive your messages.   

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