sos call box

What is SOS Call Box?

What is SOS call box

SOS call box is one type of emergency communication device that is typically installed along highways, in remote areas, or in other places where people may need to call for help in an emergency.

SOS call box typically consists of a phone or intercom system that is connected directly to the local emergency response center or central dispatch center. The call box is usually marked with a bright signal or sign, and it is often connected to a power source to ensure that it is always available when needed.

When someone needs to call for help, they simply use the phone or intercom to place a call to the emergency center. The call is usually automatically transmitted, so the person doesn’t need to dial a number or provide any identifying information.

SOS call box is an important resource for people who are in a dangerous or life-threatening situation, especially when they are unable to call for help using a regular phone. These devices is able to provide quick access to emergency services and help to ensure that people receive the help they need in a timely manner.

Services Emergency Call Box and Phones
HeoZ SOS Call Box HZ-ECB02
What is weatherproof telephone ? 

Introducing Industry Level Weather Proof Telephone

When people stay in extreme climates or conditions, there are many situations in which standard phones are not able to survive the elements and harsh conditions. That’s why the introduction of industry level weather proof telephone is a momentous development in the telecommunications industry.

Industry level weather proof telephone are designed to be able to withstand the elements and extreme conditions. This includes extreme temperatures, high wind speeds, snow and rain, or any other elements or conditions you may find yourself in. Industry level weather proof telephones are engineered to last you for years of use, even in the most demanding environments.

The construction of these phones is extremely tough, featuring waterproof outer shells, water- and dust-proof seals on key components, and anti-glare screens and anti-corrosion materials to withstand years of use.

Weather-proof telephones have become increasingly popular in a wide range of industries. From construction to government offices to parks and recreation departments, the need for outdoor communication devices is ever growing. The need for weather-proof telephones is especially prominent in businesses and industries where outdoor operations are a regular occurrence, such as agriculture, utilities, transportation, and public safety. These phones must stand up to the elements and provide a reliable means of communication, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Benefits & Features 

Weather-proof telephones are designed to stand up to harsher climates and conditions. 

They are typically water resistant, which prevents water damage and protects the attached components, and come with additional features to make them suitable for extreme weather conditions. 

These features include additional protection from dust, wind, and impact. Many weather-proof telephones also incorporate advanced technologies such as hands-free capability and long-distance calling range.

Hotline Tunnel Telephone
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Marine Acoustic Telelpohone Hood
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weatherproof telephone
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What is Prison telephone ? 

Prison telephones are phones that are provided in prisons and jails for inmates to use to make calls to friends and family members. These phones are often operated by a third-party company under contract with the correctional facility, and calls are typically subject to various restrictions and monitoring by prison staff. The purpose of these phones is to allow inmates to maintain contact with their loved ones, but they are also used to help manage security and prevent the introduction of contraband into the prison.

Prison telephones are generally more expensive than traditional phone services due to the additional costs associated with operating and maintaining the system, as well as the need to recoup the costs of installing and upgrading the equipment. Some advocates have criticized the high costs associated with prison telephones, arguing that they place a financial burden on inmates’ families and limit their ability to communicate.

jail phone
HeoZ Mine Phone HZ-WP01

Why Choose HoeZ as your supplier when your project require the SOS emergency call box and weatherproof telephone? 

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e. Project Protection services.  
f. Professional after sales services.
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