Outdoor Waterproof Telephone for Manyar Smelter

Waterproof Telephones for Manyar Smelter Project in Indonesia

75 units of waterproof telephones are ready for shipment.

At present, we have completed the production of the waterproof telephones for the Manyar Smelter Project in Indonesia. 

HeoZ team fully understands the task of providing reliable communication for Manyar Smelter. The more demanding the conditions on-site the more important is high quality for waterproof telephones. 

Only this can ensure that the emergency telephone system runs successfully and our communication solution works reliably.

Base on the tender document: “The weatherproof phones shall be rated with minimum IP66 rating. The weatherproof phones shall be wall-mounted. The Outdoor IP phones shall support any combination of 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps copper connections. If the distance is more than 90m, suitable communication means shall be provided from network equipment to Outdoor IP phone. Flashing beacon sounder shall be considered in areas where the background noise level is high. The flashing beacon sounder shall be rated with minimum IP66.” Phase one, after testing by our customer, HeoZ waterproof telephones HZ-WP01 stands out from numerous samples. It meets all demands and generally used in harsh and demanding environments.

Outdoor Waterproof Telephones from HeoZ
HeoZ Waterproof Telephones
HeoZ Outdoor Waterproof Telephone on Site
HeoZ Heavy-duty Telephone

In harsh working conditions, HeoZ waterproof telephones play important roles.

In early January 2021, the HeoZ team has delivered dozens of VoIP emergency telephones in Indonesia. Our customer is satisfied with HeoZ heavy-duty telephones and services. “We have found working with the HeoZ team to be a delight, your engineers are very responsive and have provided implementable advice.” We’re very proud that our team did such a great job!

At HeoZ, we strive to produce durable emergency telephones that are designed considering your project needs by working closely with your team. Our team members are experts in their fields of emergency communication and have many years of experience. With each emergency telephone system, we provide a dedicated and professional team to ensure every aspect of your needs is understood and ultimately met


Are you looking for outdoor waterproof telephones?

If you are considering an emergency telephone system for any reason then we’d love to chat through the different options with you. Talking leads to solutions, welcome to contact us now!

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