vandal-proof prison telephones

Vandal-proof Prison Telephones for Colombia

 HeoZ vandal-proof prison telephones installed over 500 units for the prison project in Colombia.   

The HeoZ team is very happy to declare that one of our Spanish clients has won the Colombian prison project with our vandal resistant telephones. The HeoZ team spent more than a year following up on the prison project. First, we worked hard to understand the function
and performance requirements of the prison phone of the end customer.

Weeks later, we received confirmation from our customer. Our customers like the models we recommend and think that our quotation is very competitive. However, our customer is a very rigorous purchaser, and he carefully checked the details of the prison telephone with us again. “As far as I understand, you are proposing the armored, emergency, and inmate Phone HZ-VP01 as the rugged prisoner telephone and the HZ-VP03 as the visitor telephone. Please correct me if my understanding is not according to your proposal” send on WhatsApp by the purchaser Mr. Guillermo.

Our client asked us to send the quotation for these stainless steel public wall phones and inmate telephones with the right model and the best price, our hot sell model public jail phone HZ-VP01 and vandal-proof prison telephones HZ-VP03 are suitable for this prison project. We had to share the datasheet, certifications, manual with our customers to process.

Therefore, we and Mr. Guillermo confirmed the following questions that our customer and end-user are both care about.

1. What is the ingress protection level (Analogue) of the jail phone HZ-VP01?
HeoZ Team confirmed it is IP 55 waterproof protection degree. Suitable for indoor application.

2. What is the ingress protection level (Analogue) of the HZ-VP03 hotline telephone?
HeoZ Team confirmed it is IP 55 waterproof protection degree. Suitable for indoor application.

3. How can the handset Telephone HZ-VP01 works?

HeoZ team confirmed that the user picks up the handset and dial out the telephone no. Via the metal keypad on the phone body. Hand-off the handset after finished the conversation.


4.How can the vandal-proof phone HZ-VP03 works?

HeoZ team confirmed that the HZ-VP03 works as peer to peer, visitor can pick up the handset to talk with the prisoner directly, without PBX required.


5. Is the public telephone HZ-VP01 and HZ-VP03 vandal resistant?

HeoZ team confirmed that the vandal-resistant degree is IK10


6. Is the HZ-VP03 inmate telephone with the handset to hotline dial?

HeoZ team confirmed that this inmate telephone supports hotline dial.

7. Does the public telephone include an induction loop to provide better reception for the hearing impaired?

HeoZ team confirmed that if our client needs the function, we will do a very flexible service to provide the hearing-aid with any inmate phone model.


8. Does the other model rugged telephone comply with “a single push of the activation button cause the telephone to automatically dial a pre-programmed number”?

HeoZ team confirmed that we have these functions for optional with different models. Our customers can change the solution according to the project’s process. Our team is very patient to deal with and resolve various changes in customers.


9. Can the Logo of the vandal-proof prison telephone be produced according to the design by our drawings?

HeoZ team supports our client to make their logo on our phones only if the client engineer can share the LOGO drawing and confirm the design together.

Vandal-proof Prison Telephones for Colombia
vandal proof prison telephone

And then we confirmed with the customer to produce samples, after testing the samples, our customer hopes to fly to China for factory inspection. The client attached great importance to product quality and factory qualifications. We have prepared well and waiting for customer visits, however, because of COVID-19, customers cannot fly to China, so we presented the entire company to customers through video. Especially our R&D department and production department have shown all the production and testing equipment to customers. We also explained our production process and testing procedures in detail for customers. When our customers have 100% trust in us, we defeated other competitors and won the customer’s project.

The final order is 350 units HZ-VP01 and 150 units HZ-VP03 prison telephones,  after 100% QC, we will deliver the order to the customer’s Spanish warehouse in the first quarter of 2021 by air freight.

Our customer Mr. Guillermo spokes highly of our cooperation:“ We get good service from HeoZ technology this time, we worked with many many suppliers and sales, However, I have to say Ms. Ada is the best one. We are happy to work with your team, we looking forward to handling more big projects together in the future.”  

More successful project and new products development will notify all of our important customers as soon as we finish it. Our team is always professional, efficient, and flexible to support you.

For over 5 years, the HeoZ team has been manufacturing reliable and efficient emergency telephone products while offering a variety of practical and flexible emergency telephone solutions.

We value every word from you, if you have any requirement or suggestion for our heavy-duty telephone devices, Please email us at, we will respond to you for the first time when we receive your messages.  

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