Tunnel Telephone System

The tunnel is an engineering building buried in the ground and a form of human use of underground space. Tunnels can be divided into traffic tunnels, hydraulic tunnels, municipal tunnels, mining tunnels, and military tunnels. In the past 5 years, HeoZ has designed and developed a tunnel emergency telephones system that can meet the harsh environmental conditions in various tunnels, stable and reliable production technology, and flexible customized services, which fully match the needs of tunnel emergency communication, reliable quality, and free after-sales service, the need for equipment replacement are eliminated. When an emergency occurs in the tunnel, users can always rely on HeoZ tunnel IP67 waterproof telephones and moisture-proof telephones to contact the control center, which has become a reliable guarantee for emergency communication in the tunnel.

                     HeoZ tunnel telephone system core strengths are as follows:

        • The MTBF average time between failures of the tunnel emergency telephone system is 1000,000 hours, the service life exceeds 30 years.
        • HeoZ tunnel telephone includes an industrial telephone system and hotline emergency telephone system (PAGA system is an option), it is fully extensible.
        • The protection level of the tunnel telephone system is IP66/67, and the environmental adaptation temperature can reach -40-70°C.
        • The emergency tunnel phone supports free dial or hotline call the control center. The LED lamp on the top of the waterproof telephone for options, which is convenient for the user to recognize incoming calls and also for the control center to handle emergency situations.
        • The internal parts of the tunnel emergency telephone system are of industry-level quality. All parts are designed to reduce the cost of subsequent replacement and maintenance, and the self-check function and fault reporting function can be added.
        • Integration of existing monitoring systems and fire alarm systems.

        Weatherproof Tunnel Telephone System by HeoZ

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