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Top 7 Hands-free intercoms help the non-spread of Covid-19 from HeoZ

Our hands-free intercoms help the non-spread of Covid-19. By 15 January 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic had claimed more than 2 million lives that we know of, the actual total may be considerably higher. We are hopeful about the effective vaccines that more lives of those with serious cases of Covid-19 can be saved. And we need to follow the public health basics now more than ever. At HeoZ, we want to do our part in the fight against the spread of the virus. in extraordinary times, here are our top 7 hands-free emergency intercoms choices to reduce physical contact between people and the physical environment.

1. Vandal-proof intercom HZ-VP07.  This is the simplest full-duplex intercom to use. It’s made of SUS304 material, rating IK10, sturdy and durable. Analogue VoIP or GSM version is available. The crystal tone quality even in noisy environments. Just press the push to talk button, you can have smooth and secure communication. It’s easy to clean with alcohol. The ideal choice for supermarkets, parking lot, elevator, school, prison, restaurant, ticket booth.

2. IP Video intercom HZ-VP11. There are circumstances in which the only face to face communication will solve the problem. HeoZ IP video intercom with the built-in HD night vision camera, the owner can view the visitor’s face on our video office telephone. This video intercom also integrated an induction loop. It’s a great help for those with hearing loss. The ideal choice for hospital, ATM, parking lot, building, school, jail, metro, stadium.

3. Emergency help point Intercom HZ-VP09. This emergency help point intercom with 2 buttons. The button with a bi-color LED ring. One button can support the intercom, and the other one can support the alarm. Analogue, VoIP, or the GSM version is available. It’s made of aluminum alloy, rating IK10. The idea choice for hospital, metro, stadium, building, parking lot, school, jail, guard station, hotel.

4. Outdoor weatherproof intercom HZ-ECB01. This IP67 waterproof intercom with spring door closure is well suited for humid environments and outdoor usage. The button supports the intercom and alarm. It provides high-quality communication and supports echo cancellation. Analogue, VoIP, or the GSM version is available. Option for strobe. The idea choice for scenic spot, workshop, poolside, stadiums, hospital,  tunnel.

5. Window intercom HZ-WI01.This window intercom is composed of a gooseneck master station and a substation. It provides two-way noise-free communication between the customer and staff on the opposite sides of the window. 2 meters -20 meters talking distance optional. It supports mute mode, volume adjustable, voice recording. The ideal choice for ticket window, bank, police departments, barrier, payment windows, theater.

6. Vandal Resistant Intercom HZ-VP10. This durable stainless steel flush mount intercom with a full keypad and indicator LED. Analogue, VoIP, or GSM version is available. It has the excellent audio quality and supports echo cancellation. IP55 Waterproof grade, rating IK10. Dry relay contact for auxiliary control option. The ideal choice for the classroom, elevator, jail, laboratory, cleanroom, workshop, ATM, hospital, building, guard station, metro.

7. Cleanroom intercom HZ-CR01. This cleanroom intercom made of an ABS+PE membrane key panel. The intercom is totally flat and without any holes to facilitate easy cleaning. Analogue, VoIP, or GSM version is available. Built-in 3w speaker, noise-canceling microphone. It has a full keypad, supports hotline, hold, volume adjustable, auto-answer and auto hang up. The ideal choice for cleanroom, hospital, laboratory, workshop, clinical. 

This is the list of hands-free intercoms that can be used by businesses for effective communication to reduce Covid-19 transmission. All hands-free intercoms carry our exclusive 3-year warranty. HeoZ team offers standard and customized emergency hands-free intercoms to enhance public security.  Would you like to know more about hands-free intercoms? Please contact us via info@heoztech.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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