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Top 7 benefits of HeoZ school intercom system

Offering security and convenience, the HeoZ school intercom system is a smart and reliable option.

In today’s modern society, the importance of security in school cannot be overstated. To some extent, no management system would be complete without school intercoms.  In the last six years, the HeoZ team has installed many school intercom systems in France, Russia, and the Philippines with our partners’ aid. In this post, we outline what are the features of school intercom solutions.

What are the top 7 benefits associated with our 2-way  intercom system?

  • This system is suitable for multiple indoor and outdoor zones and can communicate with each school intercom station individually.
  • The system is based on IP network technology, easy to install. Programming and modification of setting locally or remotely.( Wireless solution is )
  • By installing the HeoZ school intercom system, you will increase convenience for simplify admin duties for teachers.
  • HeoZ school intercom system offersentry & access control, internal intercom, PA paging, and emergency towers.
  • The intercom faceplate with the camera is an option.
  • Ourschool intercom system is fully extensible, and it’s easy to install and maintain. Suitable for integration into existing monitoring systems.
  • Easy system expansionand cost-effective.
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    What’s the difference between a VoIP and GSM school intercom system?

    GSM (Global System for Mobile) has been used in South Africa since 1993 and VoIP is a relatively new technology. If we install a VoIP SIP protocol school intercoms system, we need an internet connection. The GSM school intercom system has base stations and substations that are connected to each other wireless. Location matters when installing a school intercom because it affects wiring and costs. The actual cost of the school system is mostly based on the number of intercom stations needed.

    How is the HeoZ school intercom system better than other solutions?

    Each system is carefully tailored to the specific customer requirements. The first step is to understand your project requirements.

    Thousands of users agree that HeoZ two-way intercom system is a reliable solution.

    HeoZ products can be installed without the need for professional installers.

    All HeoZ intercoms are compliant with CE, RoHS FCC, IK10, etc.

    Our technical team is trained professionals and offers 24/7 customer support.

    The intercom system has MTBF 100,000 hours and 36 months warranty.

    In the market for a school intercom system?

    At HeoZ, we are confident that we can give you the best experience. We are pleased to offer a wide array of two-way intercoms, blue light emergency phones, waterproof telephones, vandal-resistant phones, acoustic hoods, etc.  If you were wondering about a two-way intercom system that’s suitable for your project, HeoZ has you covered. Email us at

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