Acoustic hood for oil gas

The most popular China acoustic telephone hoods in 2020

The heavy-duty acoustic telephone hoods and booths are designed for the indoor and outdoor environment which has high noisy and dusty.

Such as the harbor, seaport, offshore, marine, industrial factory, power plants, Oil&Gas platform, tunnel, etc. It is used in industrial emergency telephone system network and the PAGA system.

As Heoz’s acoustic hoods have a noise reduction range from 7-40dB, our client often installed the industrial emergency telephone or public vandal-proof telephone inside our acoustic phone booths & hoods, our acoustic hood has been working to provide more easy and comfortable communication to the user which had worked in high ambient noise creates inconveniences environment.

Based on our marketing and project experience for outdoor emergency industrial telephone systems for over 5 years, we have selected the 4 most popular models from our telephone acoustic hood family.

1. The 40 dB outdoor acoustic hood, on the ground-mounted, standard gray color.

Acoustic Hood (HZ-AH07)

Its made of glass-reinforced plastics (GRP material), the anti-corrosive material is very ideal for industrial and any harsh environment.

The most advantage of this hood is the big&full size to provide a -40 dB noise canceling function. The full size is 2000mm*1000mm*1000mm. The unit with door with a ventilation system and door handles from the inside out. Hot sell for marine, offshore site. The -40dB hood is mounted on the ground via the 4 feet by the stainless steel screws. Maximum safe load = 250KG


2.  The 23dB outdoor acoustic telephone hood, wall or pillar mounted, yellow, orange, blue color.

Acoustic Hood (HZ-AH01)

Its made of glass-reinforced plastics(GRP material), SUS304 /316 mounting bracket, and mounting plate. The anti-corrosive material is very ideal for the industrial and heavy duty-environment. This unit has a smaller size than the HZ-AH1508007, the size is 780*680*500mm with the front opening design. With 23dB noise reduction function by built-in fireproof and soundproof cotton. The robust material allows the hood to safely load up to 50KG. The extra function is that we could build the LED lamp inside the hood to make sure that users can use the phone keypad while there is a dark light.

3. The 15dB public acoustic booth, wall or pillar mounted, yellow, orange, blue color.

Acoustic hood (HZ-AH04)

It is made of glass-reinforced plastics (GRP), with SUS304 /316 mounting bracket and mounting plate. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. This unit has a smaller size than the previous 2 models, and also lighter weight. The hood without the fireproof and soundproof cotton to lead it provides a 15dB noise reduction function. However, due to the smaller size and weight, the cost of the hood itself is very economic when compared with the 40dB and 23dB acoustic hood. the sea freight cost is reduced too.

4. The 7dB indoor acoustic phone hood, wall or pole-mounted, transparent, blue, orange color.

Indoor Telephone Hood (HZ-AH06)

It is made of acrylic material and lightweight design style, with Transparent color. Wall-mounted or pole mounted. This type of public telephone protection hood is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments (Not the very harsh environment). This indoor telephone hood provides the 7dB noise canceling. We often provide these public telephone hoods to primary schools, hospitals, parking lots, and other buildings. Because of its special design and function, we generally recommend that customers install it in a slightly quieter environment.

Our all waterproof&dust-proof acoustic telephone hood, industry phone booths, sound-proof Phone hoods available for OEM&ODM services, the changes of size and colors( orange, yellow, blue, red, gray, white) are welcomed. the other non-standard requirements according to the client’s project upon request. Please contact us to discuss the cost and lead time, We are always happy to help!

More marketing information about emergency telephone and acoustic hood solution development will notify all of our important customers in a short time, please stay tuned with us!

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