HeoZ donation Program

The HeoZ Give – Donation Program

The HeoZ team is committed to donating $1 to charity for every emergency telephone order.

For obvious reasons, 2020 was a very tough year, but we survived it all. From February to April 90% of our team has been working from home to do our part, we maintained a level of normal office life through video calls. Our team worked hard to provide quality, on-time delivery, and trouble-free services during the COVID-19. The HeoZ team held various pressure and not only won 75 new projects and also our client’s trust and high praise. Our favorite words to hear from clients are: “The heavy-duty weatherproof telephones are working fine and our clients are satisfied with them, we are happy to work with your team.” Huge thank you to those who have supported us, it means so much to the HeoZ Team. Here is our chance to express our gratitude, we want to lend a helping hand to children who in crisis. 

Starting February 1st, 2021, the HeoZ team will donate $1 for every emergency telephone order. It means that every single time our order can make a difference to a child’s life. We
will donate the money to “Save the Children” ( https://www.savethechildren.org ) and “China Children and Teenagers’ Fund -Spring Bud Project.” ( http://en.cctf.org.cn )
Fighting COVID-19 is a global battle,  more than 12 million refugee children lost their home and education, they also face the additional impact of COVID-19 on their futures. We can’t afford to stay silent. In the past five years, we got a lot of support from investors, clients, and friends which have emboldened us to fulfill our dreams.  With a heart filled with gratitude, the HeoZ team wants to be a helper too. We will announce the details of our donation by the end of the year.

In 2021, by working closely with our clients, we hope we can pursue new opportunities through innovation. Have something you think we should know about? We understand innovation is a day to day happenings with the end-user in mind and welcome your valued feedback.

We will continue to focus on providing efficient emergency communication products including emergency telephone systems, metro telephone systems, tunnel telephone systems, parking lot intercom systems, jail telephone systems, highway telephone systems, elevator intercom systems, cleanroom intercom systems, etc. We work tirelessly to be the most professional and easiest company to do business in the emergency communication world.

As a young and energetic team, HeoZ has a strong desire to make a better tomorrow by acting differently. We have just completed our first five years of business and look forward to serving you for the next five years and beyond.

Also if you would like to join our team, we have open positions. Please kindly check our Careers page. Let’s do more meaningful things together!

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