The Best Prison Phone Supplier/Factory/Manufacturer In China

The Best Prison Phone Supplier Factory Manufacturer In China

prison phone is a phone system that allows incarcerated individuals to make and receive phone calls while they are in prison or jail. prison phones are typically operated by the prison or jail, and they are subject to certain restrictions and regulations. 

Prison telephone calls are often monitored and recorded by prison or jail staff, and there may be limits on the frequency and duration of calls. In addition, inmates may only be able to call approved numbers, such as those on a pre-approved list of family members or friends. 

The use of prison phones can be an important way for incarcerated individuals to maintain connections with their loved ones and stay informed about events outside of the prison or jail. However, the use of inmate telephones can also be expensive, and some families may struggle to afford the cost of calls. 

HeoZ offers a large of standard or customized prison phone solutions, with the analog prison phone system, VoIP inmate phone systems, and GSM to 4G jail phone systems. 

The mental housing of the prison phone is normally made of SUS 304, SUS 316, or CRS, The metal material can achieve anti-vandal function and is suitable for use in public places. 

The prison phone can produce the free dial or hotline function if it is with the handset. If without the handset, then it supports the push-to-talk function with the push button, We can build 1 button or multi buttons on the front panel according to the project requirements. 

The customer’s LOGO or required text can be silk-print on the suitable position on the metal prison phone housing. 

For outdoor applications, HeoZ can also provide waterproof protection on customized orders. 

Our other products included vandal-resistant intercoms, acoustic hoods, SIP VoIP hotline inmate telephones, and outside weatherproof telephones, if you have the requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to serve you anytime.

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