Subway Telephone System

As the main mode of transportation around the world, the subway is a very popular way for mass travel and commuting. Normally, It is complex and has a large number of people during operation time day and night. Based on this, HeoZ provides subway SOS intercom and trackside emergency telephone system service for subways. Once people encounter In emergencies, whether you can contact the control center as soon as possible and get the most professional guidance and quick assistance is our goal. In addition, the subway emergency telephone system is also used for a consultation station. If the passengers are lost or need information, they can use the subway help point telephone to directly talk to the control center.

                 HeoZ subway emergency telephone system provides the following solutions:

      • Subway station emergency intercom: in case of emergency, the user can use this device to quickly report to the station or ask for help.
      • All telephone calls can be monitored and recorded.
      • The trackside weatherproof telephone is IP67 waterproof grade, it is with anti-electromagnetic interference function.
      • Suitable for integration into existing monitoring systems
      • The faceplate with the camera is an option.
      • The HeoZ subway telephone system is fully extensible, and it’s easy to install and maintain.
      • There are emergency intercoms in each carriage and they are set beside the door. In case of emergency, the passenger can use this help point to report to the train driver or ask for help.

           Subway SOS intercom and trackside emergency telephone system service for metro

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