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Solar Powered 4G Emergency Highway Call Box For India Project

We are happy to announce that HeoZ have received an order for 4G highway call box from Indian highways, and the project is currently being delivered.

Today marks the commencement of the testing phase for the HeoZ 4G emergency highway call box, which is powered by solar panels. This significant undertaking involves a comprehensive evaluation of the emergency communication system’s performance and efficiency, as it relies on renewable solar energy for its operation.

HeoZ emergency highway call box powered by solar panel and battery testing involves rigorous evaluation and analysis of an emergency communication system that utilizes solar panels and batteries as its primary sources of power.

Solar-powered 4G emergency highway call box for India project
HeoZ Highway Call Box HZ-ECB02G

The testing process of the emergency highway call box is focused on ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and functionality of the emergency highway call box under various conditions.

During the testing, the following key aspects are assessed:

1. Solar Panel Performance: The solar panels’ ability to capture sunlight and convert it into electrical energy is examined. Parameters such as solar irradiance, voltage output, and current production are measured to determine the panels’ effectiveness in generating power.

2.Battery Capacity and Charging: The performance of the battery system is evaluated, including its capacity to store electrical energy and its efficiency in charging and discharging. The test assesses whether the battery can maintain sufficient power levels for uninterrupted operation, especially during periods of limited sunlight.

3.Power Management and Efficiency: The emergency highway call box’s power management system is scrutinized to ensure optimal energy usage and conservation. This includes evaluating how efficiently the system switches between solar power, battery power, and GSM communication modes.

4.GSM Connectivity and Communication: The call box’s ability to connect to GSM networks and establish emergency calls is tested. Factors such as signal strength, call quality, and data transmission reliability are analyzed to ensure seamless communication during critical situations.

5.Environmental Resilience: The emergency highway call box is subjected to various environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and exposure to environmental hazards, to assess its robustness and ability to function in harsh situations.

6.Emergency Response Testing: Simulated emergency scenarios are created to verify the call box’s responsiveness and reliability during critical situations. This includes testing the system’s ability to trigger emergency calls, send location information, and facilitate communication with emergency responders.

7. Longevity and Maintenance: The emergency highway call box system’s durability and maintenance requirements are evaluated to determine its operational lifespan and the level of upkeep needed to sustain optimal performance.

The results obtained from GSM emergency highway call box testing powered by solar panels and batteries are vital for validating the system’s effectiveness as a reliable and sustainable emergency communication solution. The insights gained through this testing process aid in refining the technology and ensuring its suitability for deployment in remote locations and areas prone to power outages or natural disasters.

The insights gathered from this testing phase will be invaluable in validating the 4G highway call box‘s efficacy as a reliable and sustainable emergency communication solution. 

By harnessing solar power, this system has the potential to offer enhanced communication capabilities in remote highway areas, contributing to improved safety and support during roadside emergencies.

HeoZ is always developing new weatherproof phones, prison phones, emergency call box, blue light phones, acoustic phone hoods and solutions for the telecommunication industry.

For more information, contact us at info@heoztech.com.  

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