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Smart Cleanroom Telephone Hot Sale in India

HeoZ smart cleanroon telephone makes clean room smarter.

This year, with the development of the pharmaceutical industry, our Indian system integrator customers have gradually increased their demand for smart cleanroom telephones. Now every quarter we ship more than 500 units of smart cleanroom telephones to this customer in India. The needs of customers in other regions are also increasing.

Our Indian integrator customer told us about his needs for smart cleanroom telephones:

1. We are looking to obtain phones for our clean room, but the clean room phones need to be suitable for the purpose we use them for e.g. calling outside lines, etc. We are looking instead for a phone that is able to call outside lines, has a speaker for announcement pages but is able to easily be cleaned and disinfected on a routine basis. This has led me to enquire about your waterproof phone, as it seems durable enough to withstand regular cleaning, as well as stopping internal parts from contaminating the cleanroom air since it is waterproof.

2. The smart cleanroom telephone complies with the certification of FCC or EU’s EMC (ensure electromagnetically will not affect other machine functioning).

3. Are you able to provide me with a cost for these? And if they would be suitable for disinfection? Also, if the buttons are flush against the handset so that it is able to easily be cleaned? “

Yes, if you are experienced with smart cleanroom telephone, maybe you will find it incredible. Because our client asked us to provide a waterproof emergency telephone for his cleanroom project. Our outdoor waterproof telephone is almost wall-mounted, and the metal spraying process is very inconvenient for daily cleaning work, and it is easy to corrode and rust for daily chemical cleaner. Compared with special cleanroom telephones on the market, outdoor emergency weatherproof telephones cost more. This solution chosen by the customer may not be a suitable solution for the customer. After we confirmed that all our products are in compliance with EMC and FCC certification, the only problem we face is that we need to choose a phone that really suits the needs of the customer’s project.

Clean Room Intercom with panel PE film with ABS process, speakers, buttons, microphones without clearance.
Weatherproof Clean Room Phone with Full Keypad
elevator telephone, Emergency Intercom Telephone

We recommend 3 special smart cleanroom telephones for customers to choose from.

The 3 models are HZ-CR01 (Plastic cleanroom telephone), HZ-CR02 (SUS304+PE membrane key panel), HZ-VP10 (sus 304 body).

These three styles are our best-selling models. These cleanroom telephones can be IP55 waterproof. The material of the shell and the smooth keyboard can meet the convenience of daily cleaning, plastic materials can also be used against chemical cleaners. At the same time, we can also provide analog or SIP versions for customers to cooperate with different communication systems.

Our customers have tested 3 samples, and customers have made plans to purchase different models. At present, we can ship more than 500 pcs smart cleanroom telephones every quarter, and the output may continue to increase in the future.

We are very grateful for the trust our customers have given us. Because we always insist on recommending the most suitable products to customers, rather than the most expensive products, we can obtain long-term orders from customers with win-win, Not one-time business with headache, This business philosophy is very meaningful to our team’s work.

We are also committed to the development of the Indian communications market, such as prison phones, explosion-proof telephones, telephone booths, and waterproof telephones. If you have any projects that require emergency telephone products, please contact us anytime.

More successful project and new products development will notify all of our important customers as soon as we finish it. Our team is always professional, efficient, and flexible to support you.

For over 5 years, the HeoZ team has been manufacturing reliable and efficient emergency telephone products while offering a variety of practical and flexible emergency telephone solutions. We value every word from you, if you have any requirement or suggestion for our heavy-duty telephone devices, please email us at info@heoztech.com, we will respond to you for the first time when we receive your messages.   

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