Sewage Plant Telephone System

HeoZ provides the emergency telephone system for a sewage plant to meet the needs of emergency communication. 

The customer from Bangladesh is more than satisfied with our VoIP emergency communication solution for sewage plants and the services we provide. Our technical team is dedicated to providing you with tailor-made communication, solutions to meet different project requirements.

HeoZ sewage plant emergency telephone communication system main advantages:

        • The VoIP emergency telephone system can play BGM or make the emergency information broadcasting to all or some areas.
        • The telephone installed in the aeration pool based on an explosion regional levels, using explosion proof telephone.
        • Staff use the industrial telephone can dial to each other or control center room directly.
        • When the operator does not answer the call, it is automatically transferred to the next operator’s telephone or other telephones.
        • It is easy to integrate with CCTV system, fire alarm system.

      emergency telephone system for sewage plant by HeoZ

Would like to build your emergency telephone system?  Our talented engineers are always ready to help.

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