Advantages and disadvantages of optical fiber communication

Regarding the advantages & disadvantages of optical fiber communication

Based on previous project experience, the HeoZ team realized that more and more emergency communication projects will use optical fiber communication systems. Because there are more and more customers of tunnel & highway emergency distress communication system projects inquiring whether HeoZ waterproof outdoor telephones can support optical fiber communication systems or how to be compatible with optical fiber systems. Our answer is “Yes, We can do it, we will try our best to support you achieve the function and winning the bidding.”

Our R&D and marketing team will follow the specific requirements of bidding documents, to aadvise1-2 tunnel weatherproof telephones or highway call boxes for customers, Usually these phones are based on the SIP VOIP version, and then select the appropriate accessories (optical transceiver) or other solutions for the customer to match and support the customer’s project needs.

Optical fiber communication has the following 8 advantages:

1. Long transmission distance, economical and energy-saving. Assuming that 10Gb of information (10 billion signals) is to be transmitted within 1 second, if electrical communication is used, the signal must be adjusted every 100 meters. In contrast, if optical communication is used, it is necessary to adjust the interval to more than 100 kilometers. The fewer the number of times to adjust the signal, the fewer the number of machines used, so it has an economical and energy-saving effect.

optical fiber for emergency telephone

For example, when talking with friends abroad or chatting online, it feels no different from talking at home. Unlike before, the sound will lag. In the era of only electrical communication, the distance that can be transmitted at a time is short and the amount of information transmitted is small. International communications are mainly transmitted through artificial satellites as relays. However, with optical communication, the transmission distance at one time is long and the amount of information transmitted is large. Therefore, by using fiber optic cables laid on the seabed, unimpeded communication with overseas can be realized. (The speed of electric waves and light are the same. However, because the transmission path will be longer when passing through satellites, the signal will arrive slower. The distance of the submarine cable is much shorter, so the signal will arrive faster.)

2. Large communication capacity. A large number of users can receive the required information (movies or news, etc.) at the same time. In 1 second, electrical communication can only transmit up to 10Gb (10 billion 0 and 1 signals) of information. In contrast, optical communication can transmit up to 1Tb (1 trillion 0 and 1 signals) of information.

3. Fast communication speed. Electrical communication will cause errors due to electrical noise, resulting in a decrease in communication speed. However, optical communication is not affected by noise, so signals can be transmitted quickly.

4. Strong anti-interference ability: The optical fiber is a non-metallic dielectric material, and the optical fiber is used as the conductive medium, which is free from electromagnetic interference.

5. The optical fiber is small in size and light in weight, easy to lay and transport.

6. Rich sources of materials are conducive to saving non-ferrous metal copper and protecting the environment.

7.  No radiation, difficult to eavesdrop, because the light wave transmitted by the optical fiber can not go out of the optical fiber.

8. The optical cable has strong adaptability and long service life.

At the same time, optical fiber communication also has the following 5 shortcomings:

1.  The texture is brittle and the mechanical strength is poor.
2. The cutting and splicing of optical fibers require certain tools, equipment, and techniques.
3. Splitting and coupling are not flexible.
4. The bending radius of the fiber optic cable should not be too small (>20cm)
5. Difficulty in the power supply.

In the past project consulting and services, we have provided a large number of optical fiber emergency communication system solutions for communication system integration customers in the transportation field. Our engineer team will provide professional consulting and system integration services according to the customer’s project needs. Therefore, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge of optical fiber emergency communication system solutions and can provide customers with better and better project technical support every day in the future.

For over 5 years, the HeoZ team has been manufacturing reliable and efficient emergency telephone products while offering a variety of practical and flexible emergency telephone solutions.

If you have any requirements or suggestions for our heavy-duty telephone device with an optical fiber communication system, please email us at or contact us at, we will respond to you for the first time when we receive your messages.   

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