Railway Telephone System

As the most important public transportation facility in the city, how to ensure the normal operation of rail transit? How to minimize maintenance costs? We firmly believe that reliable railway emergency communication solutions can provide the best support for contractors. HeoZ insists on providing our customers with stable and durable railway emergency communication telephones and systems.

In the railway operation system, HeoZ has always been in the same position as our customers such as telecommunication system integrators and contractors. HeoZ IP67 emergency railway telephones installed on both sides of the trackside can help railway employees get in touch with the control center for the first time and report on the road or trail conditions, which helps for improving efficiency for the daily management of railway operators.

                 HeoZ railway telephone system supports the following functions:

      • This railway emergency telephone system supports: call holding, call waiting, group call, call transfer, and call recording.
      • The emergency telephone can operate effectively on a range of network topologies via single-mode fiber cables.
      • Suitable for integration into existing monitoring systems.
      • The MTBF average time between failures of the railway emergency telephone system is 100,000 hours.
      • The faceplate with the camera is an option.
      • HeoZ railway telephone system is fully extensible, and it’s easy to install and maintain.
      • The average service life of HeoZ’s emergency industrial telephones can exceed 20 years. The extremely low failure rate can ensure that the railway staff can work safely and happily and increase efficiency by at least 15%.

      • Railway Emergency Telephone System

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