Prison Telephone System

Are you looking for a highly reliable prison telephone system with vandal-proof intercoms and inmate telephones as a part of your prison security solution?
HeoZ team is able to supply both standard and customized inmate telephone systems composed of a two-way conversation and public address broadcasts.
We have completed 57 successful projects in Albania, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Mexico with prison communication products.

           HeoZ Prison Telephone System benefits include:

    • The VoIP prison telephone system is fully extensible to fit any facility size.
    • It is easy to integrate with existing prison systems such as CCTV systems, building management, fire alarm system, and facility kiosk.
    • This inmate telephone system is characterized by SUS304/SUS316 materials, anti-vandal design, and tampering prevention software.
    • Telephone calls can be monitored and recorded to prevent violations of prison rules.
    • Prison staff can use the prison telephone system for public address broadcasts or play BGM to all or any part of prison sites.
    • Interface with public networks (Analogue, IP, or GSM).
    • Video call is an option.
                          Inmate Prison Telephone System

Would like to build your prison telephone system?  Our talented engineers are always ready to help.

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