Parking Lots Intercom Systems

Currently most parking lots are multi-storeyed and therefore comprise the unattended areas where providing efficient communications can be
a real problem.
Since 2017, the HeoZ team has been providing and upgrading the VoIP version solution for that application. Analog and GSM versions are also available. The system we offered has been highly appreciated by our clients.
Each emergency communication solution is tailored to better meet the demands of our clients.

           What can the HeoZ parking lot intercom system do?

      • The VoIP emergency call station telephone system is versatile and can be used for a shopping mall,
        hospital, residential area, supermarket,
        transportation site, etc.
      • One push to talk button call from the parking lot to control room to offer full-duplex communication.
      • When the operator does not answer the call, it is automatically transferred to the next operator’s telephone or other telephones.
      • Hands-free speaking in clear audio quality.
      • The faceplate with the camera is an option.
      • When something happens, the operator in the control room can make common or deterrent voice broadcasting to the parking
        lot intercom site.
      • Integration of existing monitoring systems and access control systems.

    Car Parking lots intercom system solution


Would like to build your parking lot intercom system?  Our talented engineers are always ready to help.

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