Nuclear Power Plants Communication Solution

The emergency communication system of nuclear power plants is an indispensable part of the emergency system of nuclear power plants. A nuclear emergency telephone system is an extremely important aspect for commanding, managing, and coordinating on-site emergency response and keeping the emergency organizations of operating units in contact with off-site emergency organizations.

 The HeoZ nuclear power plant telephone system has the following functions:

          • It ensures the communication and data information transmission between the emergency facilities and emergency organizations of the operating organization of the nuclear power plant.
          • This emergency plant telephone system supports: call holding, call waiting, page priority, call transfer, and PA function.
          • The emergency telephone is installed in an acoustic hood, suitable for high noisy areas.
          • Certified for use in gas group I, IIA, and IIB, explosion gas atmospheres Zone 1, Zone 2, dust Zone 20, Zone 21, and Zone 22.
          • Integration of existing monitoring systems and fire alarm systems.
          • All other features as mentioned under the VoIP emergency telephone system shall be available in this system too.


    Nuclear Power Plant Telephone System BY HeoZ

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