Night vison voip video intercom

New Arrival VoIP Video Intercom Phone

HeoZ team releases the new arrival SIP VoIP video intercom emergency intercom in Oct 2020.

According to our customer feedback and market demand, the emergency telephone devices with video function has become an indispensable part of the emergency communication system. Our engineer team and marketing team had collected many requirements from marketing and had designed the new model video intercom phone.

SIP Video Intercom
VoIP Video Intercom

Our clients were stating that they will provide this type of phone for the public area. Mostly for building, parking lot, bus station, metro or subway station, campus, these areas are public areas where people come and go. In order to meet the application needs of customers, our team believes that hearing aids and braille are also optional features because of public places application, our equipment should best meet all the needs of different people and give users the most intimate assistance when an emergency occurs.

The most important function is that the camera of our intercom supports night vision. Even in the middle of the night, the control center can still see a clear picture and can grasp the specific situation of the other end. If our customers don’t need a night vision function, then ordinary non-night vision night vision can be provided.

In view of the current pneumonia epidemic Covid-19, we recommend customers to use the automatic answering function for this hands-free public phone. During the call, customers can directly talk without touching the button or picking up the handset, which improves safety and guarantees our health.

If our client needs an indoor unit to match with a VoIP video intercom, then we can provide the solution of our SIP office phone which can supports video calls in the control center room. 

Office IP Phone from HeoZ
IP Video Office Telephone

What are the advantages of our SIP VoIP video intercom?

  • Integrated easily and seamlessly into your existing video surveillance system.
  • Support SIP standard protocol with good compatibility.
  • With a wired connection, communication will be very stable and reliable.
  • Stainless steel 304/316 material, durable and excellent anti-violence for outdoor use.
  • Hearing aid function, braille optional.
  • The camera has a night vision function, Non-night version is optional.
  • Other non-standard functions can be customized.

More function developments will notify all of our important customers as soon as possible. Our team is always professional, efficient, and flexible to support you with the most reliable SOS VoIP video intercom solutions.

For over 5 years, the HeoZ team has been manufacturing reliable and efficient emergency telephone products while offering a variety of practical and flexible intercom solutions. We value every word from you, if you have any requirement or suggestion for our emergency telephone devices, Please email us at, we will respond to you for the first time when we receive your messages.

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