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Need Emergency Tunnel Telephones for Your Project?

HeoZ’s emergency Tunnel telephones had been installed in Brenner Basis Tunnel.

We are so proud to say that we win another tunnel project this week in Austria with our valued client. Our client is a construction company who is the new buyer for waterproof emergency telephones, there is a tunnel project needs to install the communication devices by our client. We had discussed a lot with the client’s engineer team to make the best proposal. Finally, we learned that we can provide 3 kinds of models for our clients for this project.

1. The outdoor weatherproof Call Box on the tunnel cabinet for passenger use when emergency situations.

2. The acoustic hoods(23DB noise canceling) for Tunnel Telephone Handset because of very loud noises.    

3. The sip offices telephones for the operation room to receive the calls from tunnel phones.

After the sample testing, our client sends us positive answers to the results. We win the 57 units robust IP 67 telephones order with 38 units 23dB noise reduce hoods, and 5 units SIP operation office phones.  

What do HeoZ team support tunnel project for our valued client?

1. Each tunnel deserves a tailor-made communication solution. We are always checked very carefully for our client’s project requirements
and always given our professional knowledge & experiences with our clients.
2. We always aim to offer the most competitive cost for our client but considering the application environment to make sure the waterproof telephones’ lifetime.
3. We are providing everything we can to save our client’s energy for a new supplier.
4. We do a very good after sell service and always respond quickly. 

HeoZ Emergency Tunnel Telephones on site
23dB Acoustic hood

Do you need the emergency call stations for tunnels?  We value every word from you, our team is always professional, efficient, and flexible to support you with the most reliable weatherproof tunnel telephone solutions. Please email us at info@heoztech.com, we will respond to you for the first time when we receive your messages.

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