Mining Telephone System

HeoZ VoIP mining telephone system is a modular expandable solution for emergency communications and designed for above ground and underground application. Our mining telephone system can help customers improve the production environment and strengthen information exchange if an emergency occurs in a mining area and an emergency evacuation is required. We can customize an emergency telephone system based on different project requirements.

                Why choose the HeoZ mining telephone system?

      • Our mine emergency system can broadcast notifications and on-site paging calls at various points underground.
      • MTBF for mining telephone systems can be over 100,000hours.
      • The mining telephone system is easy to integrate with CCTV systems, fire alarm systems.
      • On-site personnel can also use any terminal underground to speak and talk on the spot, and report on-site conditions, thereby minimizing the impact of disasters and secondary impacts in the post-disaster rescue process.
      • The faceplate with the camera is an option.
      • We can customize or suggest a backup power supply for customers. This measure can help our end customers use our explosion-proof telephone system to ensure the normal operation of the system in the event of a power failure.
      • The ground dispatching commander can use our telephone to send instructions to the scene by means of amplifying and directing the scene personnel to evacuate the dangerous area quickly, orderly, and safe.

                Mining telephone system

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