Industrial Telephone System For Factory

In the complex industrial environment, various potential risks threaten safety workers. The dependable industrial telephone system is crucial in such conditions.
HeoZ provides VoIP heavy-duty telephone systems include: emergency hotline telephone system, the explosion-proof telephone system which supports reliable and customized communication solutions in hazardous environments.

HeoZ also provides different analog or wireless industrial telephone systems for industrial applications. 

                  How does the HeoZ industrial telephone system work?

        • This VoIP industrial telephone system is an anti-vandal and waterproof design, it supports to link between the fire alarm system and the CCTV systems.
        • The staff in the control room can use the industrial telephone system to broadcast common or emergency messages to different areas of the factory.
        • Any weatherproof telephone can dial to each other or control room, group calling is available.
        • When the staff in control room does not answer the call, it is automatically transferred to the next IP office telephone or other telephones.
        • The telephone calls can be monitored and recorded.
        • The VoIP industrial telephone system is fully extensible to fit any factory size.


    industrial telephone system solution by HeoZ


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