How To Program the SIP VoIP Bank Telephone HZ-VP17

How To Program The SIP VoIP Bank Telephone HZ-VP17

When you receive the bank telephone HZ-VP17V in hand, how do program it if the user manual is lost and your technical engineer isn’t with you, Let’s see a video to help you :

Brief Introduction of Bank Telephone HZ-VP17

The bank telephone HZ-VP17 is a newly designed vandal-proof telephone for public use. It is a metal housing with the handset, and hook, without the keypad.

The cord length of the handset we can make it to be 90cm long. For the color of the housing, we can produce red, yellow, blue, orange, or other colors.

Inside the bank telephone, we can build the analog telephone board, VoIP phone board, and GSM telephone card to make the call.

when the user picks up the telephone handset, the phone auto calls out as the hotline function. when it is based on the VoIP version, you should connect the phone to your computer via an RJ45 network cable and then log in to the bank telephone by the IP address, and enter the hotline telephone no. via the web interface and save it. then you can use this function.

If the bank phone is based on the analog version or VoIP version, then you should contact us to provide the correct manual or video for it.

Our team has English-speaking technical at and can also help you at any time.

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public phone (2)
Vandal Proof Telephone HZ-VP17
High Security Phones

The advantages of bank telephone HZ-VP17:

1, we can provide OEM, ODM, customized services.
2, As HeoZ is the emergency telephone factory in China, we have the price advantages.
3, Very fast delivery time
4, 24-hour technical services and 24 months warranty time.

How to purchase the sample order of the red desktop phone HZ-VP17?

1, The first way is to write an email to our manager Cecilia at
2, The other way is via WhatsApp: +86 199 2645 9261
3, Talk via our website (Tidio)
4, leave messages on our website.

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