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How To Program HeoZ Analogue Telephone Board

What is the Analogue telephone board ? 

An analogue telephone board, also known as an analog telephony board or analog telephony card, is a hardware component that enables a PSTN telephone to interface with analog telephone systems.
The board is typically installed inside an industrial telephone, Inmate telephone, and emergency call station, and has ports for connecting RJ11 telephone lines, allowing the telephone to send and receive voice calls. The analog telephone boards also includes software drivers that enable the users to control the telephone line and perform functions such as dialing, answering, and call routing.
Analog telephone boards were commonly used in the past for voice communication applications such as interactive voice response systems, call centers, and PSTN-based telephony. 
analogue telephone board
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How To Use HeoZ Analog Telephone Board?

Using an analog phone board involves several steps, including installation, configuration, and programming. Here is a general overview of the process:

1. Choose the handset version analog phone board or hands-free version analog phone PCB board for your needs and ensure that your telephone system meets the hardware and software requirements for the board.

2. Install the analog telephone board into your telephone housing, according to the HeoZ instructions. Typically, this involves opening the telephone case, locating an available expansion slot, and inserting the handset, and microphone, speaker, push button, buzzer, etc.

3. Connect the analog telephone board to your analog telephone lines. The number of lines and ports available on the board will depend on your analog PBX

4. Configure the analog PCB board according to your needs. This may involve setting up telephone no. speed dial telephone no., and programming custom features.

6. Test the analog telephone board to ensure that it is working properly. This may involve making test calls, checking call quality, and verifying that call routing is working correctly.

7. Once the analog telephone board is installed and configured, you can use it for a variety of applications, such as making and receiving emergency voice calls, creating interactive voice response systems, and building PSTN-based telephony applications.

8, If there are still problems, then you could check with HeoZ team to send you the instruction manual or videos to help you solve the question. 

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