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A parking lot intercom system costs in 2021

Concerned about the parking lot intercom system costs? Whether at a public parking lot, a shopping mall, a community, a campus, or a hospital, providing reliable communication service is the key to establishing a good experience. Here is a general idea of what you can expect to pay for a parking lot intercom system.

What to consider when choosing a car parking lot intercom system?

1. How many two-way intercoms you need for your parking lot? And how many telephones you need in your duty room?

If less than 50 intercoms, peer to peer intercom system is an option. If up to 50 -2000 intercoms, and you may also need to record audio or video, probably you want to go with a VoIP parking lot intercom system option.

2. Provide two-way voice communications audio and video intercom?

An audio-only parking lot telephone handles the basic security functions of an intercom system. The majority of intercom systems can be integrated with existing monitoring systems and access control systems. Also, you can choose directly video intercom system.

3. Choose the desired type of car parking lot telephone. ( Analogue, VoIP, or wireless).

Different emergency intercoms have varying ranges, analog intercoms reaching almost 6-7km, VoIP intercoms almost reaching 100m. The wired intercom system works only if you have a specialized control room for operating. The wireless intercom system is more flexible and provides long-range transmissions.

4. The Warranty of parking intercoms.

Check the intercom system’s warranty, you can play it safe just in case it happens. As usual, HeoZ carries a 3-year warranty for intercoms. For more information about warranty terms, please kindly click our services page.

Vandal Proof Intercom,vandal proof intercom telephone
Emergency Intercom
emergency intercom with two push to talk buttons
Help Point Intercom
SIP Video Intercom
Video Intercom

A parking lot telephone system sounds great! But exactly how much the intercoms cost?

Pricing varies widely, depending on the type of intercoms you choose. Pricing starts as low as $70-$120 for an analog version audio intercom which is fitted with a talk button, microphone, and speaker. The access control function is available. VoIP car parking intercom or VoIP video intercom take the average price is $120-$220. The VoIP office telephone or IP video telephone which be installed in duty room price may cost $50-$300. As camera quality improves, the price goes up. The wireless intercom tends to cost a bit more than a wired intercom, the price for a GSM intercom starts around $210 and can top $400 for a full-featured video function.

Every parking lot intercom communication solution is tailored, before choose an intercom system please feel free to contact the HeoZ team at any time. Since 2017, the HeoZ team has been providing and upgrading the car parking lot intercom solution. We will not only provide the best intercoms but also extensive after-sales support. Get the people right you will get the results right. Let’s do the work for you, we can quickly recommend a reliable intercom system for your parking lot.

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