Mining Telephone at Mining Turkey Exhibition

HeoZ Weatherproof Mining Telephone at Mining Turkey Exhibition Istanbul

Mining telephone is a vital part of creating a safe and efficient workplace.

We would like to thank our customers for bringing our weatherproof mining phones to the Mining Turkey exhibition held in Istanbul. Guests from the mining companies of eastern countries have visited our customer’s booth. Mining Turkey is a mining equipment exhibition and the most comprehensive fair of the mining sector in Eurasia. On the booth, guests can experience our weatherproof heavy duty telephone functions and see the software integrations. The mining telephone is very important for mine sites to improve safety. Miners easily communicate with each other or control center at the ground surface.

HeoZ Mining telephone at exhibition
Mining Telephone
HeoZ Weatherproof Mining Telephone at Mining Turkey Exhibition Istanbul

Underground mining telephone come in a variety of options for different functions like free dial, speed dial, group call, broadcasting, etc.

Introducing HeoZ Underground Mining Telephone

  • IP67 weatherproof grade can be installed in wet or exposed areas underground, or preparation plants.
  • The HeoZ VoIP mining telephone network supports extended in parallel alongside the fiber optic networks. Analog version telephone supports to connect directly to a PBX with the telephone line.
  • Our underground telephone system support group call and broadcast with or without IP PBX.
  • It with a strobe and loudspeaker are options.
  • HeoZ underground telephone system is easy to install and maintain.
  • 3-year warranty on all HeoZ products.
  • Integration of existing fire alarm systems.
  • All HeoZ customers have access to 24/7 support, which is available for inquiries they may have at any time.

HeoZ is well-known for its weatherproof mining telephone innovation and for creating high-performance, user-friendly emergency communication systems. Would you like to find out what else the HeoZ weatherproof mining telephone system can do and how it can make the mine site communicate easier? For more information about HeoZ’s cost-effective emergency telephone system solution, how it can help communication in underground mining, please contact us at

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