HeoZ weatherproof ip phone installed for Coal preparation plant

HeoZ Weatherproof IP Phone Installed at Coal Preparation Plant in Kazakhstan

HeoZ Delivered the industrial level Communication solution with Weatherproof IP Phone Installation at Kazakhstan Coal Preparation Plant

We are excited to announce a significant leap forward in industrial communication technology and safety enhancement with the successful installation of the innovative HeoZ Weatherproof IP Phone system at a distinguished Coal Preparation Plant in Kazakhstan. 

This milestone achievement underscores our commitment to reliable industrial communication and ensuring the utmost safety of personnel.     

IP67 Weatherproof Ability: HeoZ Weatherproof IP Phone System                               The HeoZ Weatherproof IP Phone system provides the alibility of communication robustness, specially engineered to endure the most demanding industrial conditions. 

Designed to perform flawlessly regardless of environmental challenges, this system guarantees uninterrupted connectivity, making it an indispensable asset for critical operations.

The outdoor emergency telephone is with 30w lounder speaker and the 12V LED lamp on the top, all the raw-materials are certified with IP 67 waterproof degree from international lab. 

The phone worked on POE powered and the speaker and lamp powered by DC 12V in the coal washing plants. 

weatherproof ip phone (1)
HeoZ Weatherproof IP Phone

Optimized Operations:                                                                                                                                                                                          The integration of the HeoZ Weatherproof IP Phone system into the Coal Preparation Plant signifies a paradigm shift in operational efficiency. Equipped with real-time communication capabilities, plant personnel can now address operational matters promptly, flexibly coordinate tasks, and respond rapidly to emergencies. 

The system’s rugged weatherproof design guarantees continuous communication, bolstering reliability and minimizing downtime.

Ushering in Safety Advancements:                                                                                                                                                                        Safety has always been a paramount concern for the Coal Preparation Plant.                                                                                                        The deployment of the HeoZ Weatherproof IP Phone system serves as a proactive measure to elevate safety standards. By facilitating instantaneous communication across the extensive plant premises, emergency response times are dramatically reduced. This translates into heightened safety measures and an agile, coordinated reaction to unforeseen events.

weatherproof ip phone (2)
weatherproof ip phone (3)

A Milestone of Collaboration:                                                                                                                                                                              The successful implementation of the HeoZ Weatherproof IP Phone system at the Coal Preparation Plant is a testament to long-term collaboration and meticulous execution. From initial planning and customization to final installation and comprehensive testing, every phase was expertly managed, resulting in a flawless and efficient communication solution.


Pioneering the Future:                                                                                                                                                                                              This installation holds immense promise for the future. The Coal Preparation Plant anticipates streamlined communication, heightened safety awareness, and overall operational excellence as a result of this endeavor. The project sets a new benchmark for incorporating cutting-edge technologies into industrial contexts, illustrating the potential for similar sectors to enhance efficiency and safety.


As the HeoZ Weatherproof IP Phone system takes center stage at the Coal Preparation Plant, it symbolizes a monumental step toward modernizing communication and elevating safety standards. 

This achievement stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation and safety, reshaping the landscape of industrial communication in Kazakhstan.


For additional information and project inquiries, please reach out to info@heoztech.com


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