HeoZ VoIP Telephone PCB Kits for Kiosk

HeoZ VoIP Telephone PCB Kits for Self-service Kiosk in Bangkok

HeoZ VoIP Telephone PCB Kits and service team obtains the customer consistent high praise in Thailand.

Convenient to guests and bank, HeoZ VoIP Telephone PCB kits as a part of self-service kiosk have been installed twenty kiosks in April 2021. HeoZ Telephone PCBs, keypads, and handsets are the important components that are mostly used in all Kiosk Systems. The kiosks with the HeoZ VoIP telephone board can be used for opening an account, remittance transfer, withdrawal. The guests simply connect to the service, all online, no queuing again. Also our IP PCB with the handset, the keypad can be installed on the Kiosk for hotel, car parking lot, shopping mall, and library.

Why Choose HeoZ VoIP SIP Telephone PCB board?

1. HeoZ VoIP PCB Integration of six card payment systems, fire alarm system, CCTV system, and existing monitoring system.
2. Compatible with standard SIP protocol VOIP phone systems. (Alcatel, Avaya, Asterisk, Cisco, Mitel, Elastix,3CX, NEC, Yeastar, etc.)
3. Double panel with Anti-corrosion paint for humidity and dustproof protection.
4. Dry contacts output option.
5. The VoIP Telephone PCB kits can support 24/7 customer service, integrated into the software.
6.Industrial handset with a high strength stainless cord, the length can be customized.
7.Steel lanyard has a pull test load of approx is 200kg.
8.12 Keys numeric keypad with high-quality SUS 304. (16 keys option).
9. Customized free layout and keycode design.

HeoZ VoIP Telephone Kits for Kiosk
IP PCB Kits for Kiosk in Bangkok
HeoZ VoIP Telephone PCB Kits for Self-service Kiosk in Bangkok

About advantages for HeoZ IP PCB board kits can be listed:

Increased customer satisfaction.

Relatively small budget.

12-36 Months warranty and 7/24 customer service.

Flexible customization features.

Our VoIP SIP PCB kits work with a wide variety of applications, in creating a tailor-made solution for every individual client. If you’re interested in using another Kiosks with our telephone PCB board, handset and keypad, please contact us to discuss compatibility.

Also, the HeoZ team offers Analog Telephone PCB Board Kits and Wireless GSM Telephone PCB Board Kits. The HeoZ telephone PCB board kits are extremely important in communication at public places like tunnels, oil& gas, parking lots, prisons, hotels, schools, malls, shopping centers, and all types of community centers. Our telephone PCB board kits perfectly suit kiosks, PAGA system, emergency telephone, highway telephone, blue-light emergency phone, elevator intercom, etc.

If you need help setting up the telephone PCB kits for a kiosk or any emergency telephone systems, please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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