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HeoZ Supplies Elevator Intercom PCB Boards for Elevator Project

23, May 2020- Over 70 HeoZ VoIP elevator intercom PCB Boards have been installed for OTIS elevators in a shopping mall. The customer from Malaysia is more than satisfied with our VoIP elevator PCB board and the services we provide. After the first batch of samples passed the test, the HeoZ team has signed an agreement with our customer from Malaysia to supply VoIP elevator PCB modules and the emergency buttons to new elevators that his company in charge of the shopping mall from now on. The elevator is a critical part of a multistory building’s infrastructure. The elevator intercom PCB usage to elevator projects so the passenger in need of assistance can maintain communications with the security room. The HeoZ VoIP PCB board is designed to provide reliable hands-free emergency communication for any elevator. This elevator PCB is easy to install and will operate on any elevator.

What functions of the elevator Intercom PCB boards have?

The elevator PCB board on standard SIP protocol. It is fully extensible.
The HeoZ VoIP Pcb board meets ADA requirements for the elevator.

Simple cabling, powered by RJ45 standard network cable.

It is easy to integrate with CCTV system, fire alarm system.

It can dial up to 5 programmable emergency numbers.

Are you looking to install an emergency intercom for the new elevator? Have an old elevator telephone system that needs repair or new parts? Or looking for a wireless intercom?

We design, manufacture, and sell a variety of elevator intercoms to meet the communication needs of the elevator and duty room. Analogue, VoIP, or Gsm versions all ok. The emergency intercoms can be installed in the duty room, the cage, the car top, and the bottom and five parties intercom can be achieved. HeoZ team is able to supply both standard and customized emergency intercoms. If you need support, please do not hesitate to contact us now, the HeoZ technology team is here to help you get exactly what you need.


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