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HeoZ Public Phone Bring Convenience and Connectivity to Australian Shopping Malls

HeoZ Public Phone Bring Convenience and Connectivity to Australian Shopping Malls

In order to enhance the convenience and connectivity for shoppers, HeoZ worked with our local partner to design and installed the public phone system in prominent shopping malls in Australia. The innovative initiative, undertaken by our local partner, and supported by HeoZ by providing the vandal proof telephone system design and products, seeks to provide a reliable and accessible means of communication for mall visitors.

With the advent and becoming much more popular of mobile phones and digital communication, traditional public phones have become a rare sight. However, HeoZ is always thinking that it is most important to maintain a reliable mode of communication, especially in emergency situations or for individuals without access to a mobile device.

“We believe that in an era dominated by smartphones, it’s crucial to ensure that everyone has a means of communication anytime, regardless of their personal device,” stated Cecilia, the Project manager from HeoZ. “Our public phones are equipped with modern features while offering a reliable solution for individuals who may need to make a call while shopping or spending time in the mall.”


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HeoZ Vandal Proof Phone HZ-VP01V

These HeoZ public phones are strategically placed at key locations within each shopping mall, ensuring much easier accessibility for all visitors. The vandal resistant phones are equipped with more interfaces, including display screens and multilingual options, making them much more user-friendly for people of all backgrounds.

One of the primary benefits of this initiative is the provision of emergency communication. Whether it’s a lost child, a medical situation, or any other unforeseen circumstance, these public phones serve as a lifeline, offering a direct connection to emergency services or family members.

Shoppers who have had the opportunity to use the HeoZ public phones have expressed their appreciation for the convenience. “I left my handphone at home, and I need to let my family know I would be late. The HeoZ phone saved the day!” exclaimed Daniel, a delighted mall-goer.

It marks the beginning of a broader effort to create more inclusive and accessible spaces when the installation of HeoZ public phones in Australian shopping malls. HeoZ and our local partner are actively considering expanding the initiative to additional malls across the country, ensuring that the benefits of reliable communication are extended to as many individuals as possible.

As technology continues to evolve, HeoZ stands committed to bridging the gap between the digital world and real-life interactions. The presence of HeoZ public phones in shopping malls serves as a reminder that while the world may change, the need for reliable communication remains a constant.

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