HeoZ POE Intercom Installed in Prison Cell In Uganda

HeoZ POE Intercom Installed in Prison Cell In Uganda

HeoZ is very pleased to announce that the POE intercom HZ-VP07V was Installed in one more prison cell project in 2024. 

Our client asks for the emergency VoIP POE intercom HZ-VP07 with a push call button, when the prisoner pushes it, it auto-dial out to the control center.

The client also needs the VoIP intercom with an alarm light in blue or red color, they are going to install the LED alarm light on the door side, when the button is pushed, the light at the door blinks. So the guard can notice at the first time which position needs the help.

There is the SIP desk Paging console phone HZ-OP03 at the control center, the unit shows the calling number from the emergency paging System which includes a stainless steel POE intercom with one call button for the prison cell.

Our client purchased the IP PBX and other parts in their locally.

When they received the emergency telephones from us, their IT engineer contacted us for after-sell services because they forgot the IP address and were very confused about the programming. we did the remote support by Anydesk, our engineer solved all issues within 30 minutes, they feel a lot of grateful and looking forward to working with each other for more prison projects.

HeoZ provides more types of Prisoner Telephones and weatherproof telephones, no matter the standard type or customized type with competitive prices and 24 months warranty time. if you could subscribe to the news on our website, we would like to send more cases for you. 

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