Weatherproof Cleanroom Intercom for Laboratory from HeoZ

HeoZ Offers the Cleanroom Intercoms for Laboratory Project

Cleanroom Intercom project from the HeoZ.

Last month, we have received an order from Egypt to supply 50 units of cleanroom intercoms HZ-CR01 and 22 units of cleanroom phones HZ-CR02 for the laboratory turnkey project. The transaction was completed on 15 May 2021. In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, employees’ and customers’ health, welfare, and wellness are paramount. Our team is bringing a fresh perspective to provide clean room telephone in healthcare.

What are the advantages of the HeoZ cleanroom telephone?

1. HeoZ can provide cleanroom telephones, intercoms available in analog, VoIP, and GSM versions.

2. In order to meet the project requirements, our products are designed to meet the requirements of ISO 14644-1, CE, ROHS, FCC.

3. The volume of the HeoZ intercom can reach 86dB for clear conversations. Also, the call station has a crystal audio quality.

4. Most importantly, it with hands-free automatic answering and easy to operate when staff working.

5. The cleanroom telephone front panel without any holes so that it’s easy to clean.

6. Besides, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and dustproof.

7. Integration of existing fire alarm systems and access control systems.

8. After that, these VoIP cleanroom phones working very well on Asterisk, Cisco, and Avaya products as well as many others.

9. Moreover, 3-year warranty on all HeoZ products.

Why do our clients recommend us?

Firstly, effective communication, the HeoZ technology team is here to help you get exactly what you need.

Secondly,  we accept customized designs and orders as per requirement. HeoZ provides solutions of all kinds of sizes, giving you plenty of scopes to decide what’s right for your project.

Thirdly, 24/7 customer support. Our technical team offers regular training sessions for distributors and partners who wish to sell, install, and maintain HeoZ products.

Moreover, stable product quality, cost-effective and flexible service.

What are our customers saying?

Mrs. Manar, engineer of the cleanroom turnkey project said: “During the initial discussions, we need two kinds of equipment for our laboratory. The analog cleanroom phone and the window transfer intercom. All work running smoothly within the plan and schedule. I’m pleased with this cooperation, HeoZ team’s communication is seamless, which in the end all helps to reduce our lead times and cost. In other words, their solutions and skills in the field of cleanroom communication perfectly meet our own needs as well as those of our customers. Thanks to my partner HeoZ team. They are the best we have worked with. In summary, I look forward to doing business again next time”

Cleanrooms are high-risk areas that need to be treated with particular attention. Nevertheless, the staff is typically the largest single source of contamination in a cleanroom. In addition, it presents challenges in communicating with the outside world. HeoZ cleanroom phones are specifically designed to facilitate the mutual exchange of information between the interior and exterior of a cleanroom, without compromising the sterility of the area.

Four things you should know when getting a cleanroom Intercom.

When you are looking for a supplier that offers telephones for cleanrooms, you should have some information ready.

1. Above all, choosing the appropriate version of the cleanroom phone.
2. Peer-to-peer communication or a comprehensive intercom system.
3. The effective distance of the intercom.  For instance, the analog version intercom can support less than 7km. VoIP intercom can support about 100 meters. Window intercom can support about 3 meters.
4. Embedded or wall-mounted installation.

In conclusion, depending on the requirement of different projects, we will take all the measures to provide the best solution to achieve very effective, cleanroom communication. HeoZ cleanroom phones are well received for their stable quality. Now every quarter we ship more than 500 units to our customer in India. Whatever your requirement is cleanroom intercom or cleanroom phone, please contact us for further information. We are the trusted emergency telephones supplier, all kinds of customization are welcome.

In the fight against COVID-19 as the virus is not likely to go away, we must therefore adapt to COVID-19 and learn to live with it over the long term. Our team remains unwaveringly committed to supporting our clients as they face challenges and we are here to help. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. For inquiries, drop us an email at

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