HeoZ Emergency Hotline Telephone

HeoZ Emergency Hotline Telephones Part Of Colombo Port Eastern Wharf Project 

The Emergency hotline telephones are designed to provide high-quality communication in noisy, humid environments.

This January, our partner purchased the 56 sets of emergency hotline telephones for Colombo Port Eastern Wharf Project in Sri Lanka. Mr. Gihan, the engineer of foreign procurement development tested our hotline vandal-resistant telephone was impressed by the sound quality and waterproof grade. He said “HeoZ team is doing fantastic work in not only delivering high-quality auto-dial emergency telephone but also ensuring the customization requirements of the project. Our customer really appreciates this emergency hotline telephone as it can help to provide reliable communication in a highly efficient and cost-effective way.“

     HeoZ Emergency Hotline Telephone Features:

  • The vandal-resistant emergency telephone housing consists of a heavy-gauge aluminum alloy panel and thus lowers the material costs.
  • Extended temperature range:-40 to75℃.
  • It with 3 emergency buttons in order to reach the concierge, control room, and service station.
  • Door release via dry contact.
  • Handsfree operation.
  • Programmable to auto-answer on incoming calls.
  • Easy to install and use, when staff need help in any emergency, just press the button.
  • It can be perfectly compatible with asterisk IP PBX software.
  • HeoZ Emergency Hotline Telephones
    Emergency Hotline Telephones

    Our emergency hotline telephone is welcome for a reason.

    As a well-known manufacturer, HeoZ provides all the required customization and support services, our communication solution accommodates each project’s requirements and needs. So far, more and more tunnels, highways, airports, prisons, campuses, parking lots, hospitals, projects all around the world are using the HeoZ emergency telephone system, not only because of competitive price, but also the superior quality and good service that we provide.

    If you are looking for public hotline telephones, weatherproof telephones, vandal-resistant phones, help point intercoms, and acoustic hoods or want advice on how to choose emergency telephone systems, contact us today.

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