Tunnel Weatherproof Telephone

HeoZ Continues to provide Tunnel Weatherproof Telephone for Smart City Pipe Gallery Project

HeoZ Tunnel Weatherproof Telephone communication solution is completely fit for the requirements of the smart city pipe gallery project.

In order to provide better service to the citizens and improve operational efficiency, cities are getting smarter. On Wednesday, November 17th, once again HeoZ team wins the new contract to supply the tunnel weatherproof telephones for the smart city pile gallery. With a total length of 14.52km, 46 units of tunnel telephones have been successfully installed. In the next step, the project department will fully cooperate with other parties to complete the preparatory work before excavation.

For this project, the HeoZ team provides the VoIP tunnel weatherproof telephone HZ-ECB01T  built-in fiber optic transceiver.

It effectively increases the distance of transmission. Our equipment with SMC housing with high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance. It can adaptive noise reduction, quickly respond to environmental changes and track noise types. Echo cancellation, echo tail support ups to 500ms. HeoZ VoIP industrial telephones are compatible with most of the popular platforms on the market: Asterisk, Broadsoft, Cisco, 3CX, Grandstream, Metaswitch, Elastix, Avaya, etc. Also, it supports broadcast functions without IP PBX.

Tunnel Weatherproof telephone on site
HeoZ Continues to provide Tunnel Weatherproof Telephone for Smart City Pipe Gallery Project

HeoZ has been internationally recognized for its wide range of emergency telephones used for tunnels, highways, oil & gas, mines, power plants, prisons, marine, campus, parking lot, and swimming pool. It makes their communicated with control room easier, and it requires very little user knowledge. Steady quality and sturdy construction suited to all kinds of demanding applications.

At HeoZ, we’ve been developing integrated tunnel telephone system solutions for over 6 years. If you are wodering what emergency telephone is best suited to your project, our weatherproof telephone series is the obvious choice for the harshest environments. For more information about tunnel weatherproof telephones, please get in touch with our team to learn more about our emergency communication solutions.

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