HeoZ Clean Room Intercom Station

HeoZ Clean Room Intercom Station Gets on the Russian Market

HeoZ Clean room intercom station HZ-VP10 has been chosen by the pharmaceutical plants in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Mrs. Maria who was involved with the project from the system integrator contacted us with a request for the supply of clean room intercom stations for Pharma and Hospitals. During the negotiations with Mrs.Maria, we signed a contract for the supply of 120 sets of HeoZ VoIP clean room intercom stations for the pharmaceutical plant. The 26 sets of samples have been installed in a clean room. “The HeoZ SIP cleanroom phones have worked well in all scenarios, low-temperature, moist, and noisy environments. They are perfectly compatible with the Cisco platform” Mrs. Maria said. 

HeoZ clean room intercom stations will replace the obsolete devices.

According to the contract, we will deliver the 94 sets of IP cleanroom telephones by September of this year. Our local partner will take care of the warranty service of the intercoms, which will guarantee the satisfaction of the client’s thanks to its professional approach. We believe that it will help in the further development of sales of clean room intercom stations to hospitals and pharma in Russia.

In addition to our HZ-VP10, we offer three additional cleanroom intercom models to meet the various requirements of cleanroom communication. HeoZ two-way cleanroom phone is chemical resistant to alcohol, dilute acids, ketones, and other cleaning agents.
Apart from that, we are able to provide analog and GSM cleanroom phones.

Why Choose HeoZ clean room intercom station?

  • Full-duplex communication. It supports analog, VoIP, and GSM versions.
  • Our cleanroom telephones are designed to meet the requirements of ISO 14644-1, CE, ROHS, FCC.
  • The Clean room telephone is manufactured with innovative technology, which provides protection against contamination.
  • Available in wall-mounted or flush-mounted.
  • Integration of existing fire alarm systems and access control systems.
  • Easy system expansion and cost-effective installation.
  • 3-year warranty on all HeoZ products.
  • HeoZ team offers standard and customized clean room communication solutions.
  • Waterproof and reliable, HeoZ clean room intercom station can be counted on when operators need to communicate in a sterile environment.

    Since May 2015, HeoZ clean room phone has been proving this out in India, Vietnam, Egypt, Italy, and Peru. Our clean room intercoms can be supplied for small, medium, and large hospital projects. Are you facing the issue of how to choose the clean room intercom station in a high-efficient and cost-effective way? The HeoZ team will consider your requirements and explain the best options. Contact us at info@heoztech.com.

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