GSM Emergency Telephone System for Scenic Sport

The public safety of scenic spot arouses extensive concern. When there is limited infrastructure providing a reliable and effective communication solution often be costly. HeoZ GSM emergency telephone system solves the problem perfectly. We’re dedicated to providing tailored emergency communication solutions for each individual client.

           HeoZ GSM emergency telephone system features:

    • The emergency telephone is activated by pressing the button on the front panel, which will automatically call the duty room.
    • The emergency telephone system can carry on one-way broadcasting to any help point or all help points.
    • When the operator does not answer the call, it is automatically transferred to the next operator’s telephone or other telephones.
    • The GSM emergency telephone supports remotely via SMS, it will report on critical failures such as button issue, low battery.
    • Inner 14,000mah lithium battery standby time up 350 hours.
    • Interface with public networks (Analogue, IP, or GSM).
    • Suitable for integration into existing CCTV systems.

    • GSM Emergency Telephone system for scenic spot

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