Emergency Telephone System for Oil & Gas

Environmental conditions in the oil and gas industry place high demands on any equipment components and finished products&system. Obviously, the oil & gas
industry needs mission-critical communications solutions more important than any other sector. As a trusted telecommunication products partner of the oil and gas industry, HeoZ’s oil & gas telephone system is the first choice for extreme conditions. We are well aware of these challenging conditions, since we have supported lots
of clients for the oil & gas, offshore, onshore, LNG, and pipeline markets.          

                What can the HeoZ Oil & Gas Telephone system do?

      • HeoZ Emergency Telephone System for Oil & Gas can operate via wired or wireless connections.
      • PoE powered, requiring no additional power supply.
      • The oil & gas system can be connected to external communication equipment.
      • It is easy to integrate with CCTV systems and fire alarm systems.
      • Each industrial telephone can free dial or group dial. In exterior spaces 90 dB (A).
      • The protection level of the oil& gas emergency telephone and the terminal equipment of the system is IP66/67, and the environmental adaptation temperature can reach -40-70°C.
      • HeoZ provide the customized services to the Emergency Telephone System for Oil & Gas.
    Emergency Telephone System for Oil & Gas
    Emergency Telephone System for Oil & Gas


Would like to build your Oil & Gas telephone system?  Our talented engineers are always ready to help.

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