Emergency Call Box for Highway Traffic Management Project

Emergency Call Box by HeoZ be ordered for Highway Traffic Management Project in Turkey

HeoZ Emergency Call Box continues to receive great recognition from all over the world.

On June 28th, our emergency call box has been installed in Turkey. This highway includes some viaducts and 2 tunnels on a 5 km length. The emergency roadside system comprises 155 units of  VoIP emergency roadside telephones on an optical network. The ECB is based on the platforms, every 2km.

HeoZ has always been truthful to its promises and supplied high-quality emergency telephones and reliable service.

The good customer experience led to this order from Mr. Yusuf from Turkey. This is the fourth time that his team has cooperated with us. They are executing several projects in the highway traffic segment, especially highway telephone systems, and CCTV. ‘‘There will be official tenders. Before we will submit, we will test samples to pre-qualify the highway emergency phones like before. Our main aim was to enhance security on the highway and prevent the person who had a motive for the crime from moving around in these areas freely” Mr.Yusuf said. After the video conference, our team quickly determined the highway telephone system communication solution.

Emergency Call Box by HeoZ is ideal for the highway traffic segment.

1. HZ-ECB01 model is a good choice for expressway projects on temporary work sites.

2. ECB system should be integrated into the HTM-System.

3. Our Emergency telephone box easy to use, no usage of hands during the talk.

4. Using filter techniques to improve the quality of the talk between user and operator.

5. Loud and visible signalization of the incoming connections.

6. ECB has push-button for direct connection with HTMS-Centre.

7. The operator can communicate with every ECB.

8. Self-test system; in case of defaults signal to be sent to HTMS-Centre.

9. Automatic switch-off of the ECB after programmed time to be inactive.

For this project, we also provide the highway telephone HZ-WP1502010 for some sections.

It with heavy-duty handset and a robust keypad for free-dial. Software for ECB’s: import, processing, visualization of measurement data and the results of their processing, control of field devices, and visualization of control processes.

Robust and weatherproof, the HeoZ emergency call box can be counted on when installed outdoors.

HeoZ has been developing the emergency telephone system since 2015 when launching the first range of public telephones. Here you’ll find a wide range of HeoZ emergency communication solutions for several different our products. ( including analog, VoIP, and GSM version).

Introducing HeoZ highway telephone system:

1. Our highway telephone system operates on standard SIP protocol and GSM version, and it’s easy to install and maintain.
2. ECB made from materials resistant to weather conditions.
3. Power supply remote monitoring: alarms by 50%, 30%, 20%.
4. Scalable (for more ECB’s).
5. Alarm registration and exporting.
6. The faceplate with the camera is an option.
7. In case of ECB failure, information to the user in 2 languages (loudspeaker).
8. It requires very little user knowledge so it can be seamlessly integrated.

As we always say, the HeoZ emergency telephone is the choice of professionals! If you are looking for the weatherproof emergency call box on-site, incorporating multiple functions, please reach out today to set up a consultation with one of our team members.

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  1. Even if the operator can deduce a more specific location from a cellular call, multi-story buildings can present a further challenge to emergency response, whereas a call from a landline phone is easily traced.

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