Peer to Peer Intercom System for Cleanroom

The cleanroom intercom system is a very vital piece of safety equipment used in a cleanroom, clinical, or medicine factory. Many clients have adopted our peer-to-peer cleanroom intercom system for their medical laboratory projects in Vietnam, Singapore, and Chile. HeoZ team can build a customized VoIP cleanroom telephone system so that all this function is clearly presented just the way you ask it. Analog version also available.

          What functions of the peer to peer intercom system have?

    • The HeoZ peer to peer intercom system provides simple operation direct duplex point-point and point to multipoint telephone calling.
    • Simple and quick to install, chemical resistant, and anti-bacterial front surface for easy cleaning.
    • Up to 50 cleanroom telephones may be interconnected.
    • PoE powered, requiring no additional power supply.
    • Flexible programmed locally or remotely.
    • This point to point telephone system supports loud-speaking full-duplex communication from any intercom in the room. All staff can follow the conversation.
    • Integration of existing fire alarm systems and access control systems.
                                     Point to Point Intercom System

Would like to build your cleanroom intercom system?  Our talented engineers are always ready to help.

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