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Another Successful Installation: HeoZ Weatherproof Telephone for Thu Thiem Tunnel

In February 2020, we are proud to announce the HeoZ team had won the Thu Thiem Tunnel ECB M2-M5 project in Vietnam. This cross-river tunnel project uses around 240 pcs weatherproof telephone HZ-ECB01 and 30 pcs outdoor telephone HZ-WP01.

In the preliminary design phase, Mr. Nguyen, who was involved with the project as a client manager for the ICT group, emphasizes:” our main aim was to enhance security in Thu Thiem Tunnel and provide a trouble-free emergency communication system for people needing assistance. Tunnel emergency telephones shall be provided at regular intervals close to the cross passages in each tunnel separately and also at the start of the tunnel at the Platform ends. These shall be situated next to the traction power supply contractor’s ETP Boxes (Emergency trip Box). Handset operation with a full keypad, and a beacon.

The distance between two tunnel emergency phones installed throughout the tunnel length, should not exceed 250 meters.”

We have dedicated our specialist team to this project to ensure tunnel solution is conducted to quality standards. After initial negotiations, it was agreed for the tunnel to use the IP66 weatherproof telephone HZ-ECB01, for the platform use the IP67 outdoor telephone HZ-WP01.

At the beginning of 2020, the HeoZ waterproof telephone sample won the official selection procedure and our customer ordered in total 270 pcs weatherproof telephones.

In a tunnel emergency, the priority is to summon rescue services, the installation marks a major milestone in the progress of the tunnel project for our team. At the present time, the HeoZ tunnel telephones have been in operation in Thu Thiem tunnel for more than one year and to the full satisfaction of the customers. “In the beginning, we had some concerns because covid-19 outbreaks, underdeliver and suffer from delays. We were pleasantly surprised that our project was completed both in time and with the right quality” says Mr. Nguyen. This project is a good example of how a reliable supplier provided an emergency communication solution to ensure the safety of the tunnel. From tunnel telephone system design to installation and maintenance to repair, we also offer professional free consulting services for your requisition by our qualified engineers with professionally trained.


What are the characteristics of the HeoZ tunnel telephone solution?

1. It is running an open standard SIP protocol compatible with all major IP PBX network systems like Cisco, NEC, Alcatel, 3cx, and Asterisk.

2. Optical fiber transmission, far transmission distance.

3. Our weatherproof telephone can self-check, automatic report telephone state, easy maintenance.

4. The protection level of the tunnel telephone system is IP66/67, and the environmental adaptation temperature can reach -40-70°C.

5. Internal noise elimination circuit, crystal voice quality.

6. Built-in battery, power failure protection.

7. Integration of existing monitoring systems and fire alarm systems.

8. The MTBF average time between failures of the tunnel emergency telephone system is 1,000,000 hours, the service life exceeds 30 years.

HeoZ technology is a professional manufacturer in providing emergency telephone systems for tunnels, metro, railway, highway, power plants, oil/gas, mining, prison, parking lots, cleanroom, campuses, workshops, etc. We strive to develop and implement the smartest emergency communication solutions to deliver maximum value to our customers, saving them time, budget, and energy while positively impacting the environment we live in. The outbreak of the Covid-19 had a dramatic impact throughout the world but we always do our utmost to fulfill the requirements of our customers. For more information about weatherproof telephones and emergency communication solutions for your project please kindly contact us via We’d love to hear from you.

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