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Analog Telephone PCB Promotion

Don’s miss it! 30% off for the HeoZ new arrival analog telephone PCB in April!

HeoZ team released the new version analog emergency telephone board in March, the model that included handset type and hands-free type.

We are so happy to announce that the testing results of these telephone PCBs that verified by our engineering team and partner clients are good, our team did great work on it again!  To thanks our clients, we will have a big promotion activity for our all PCBs in April of 30% off. Could you want to have a try? Let’s learn more about our new PCB’s story!

Analog PCB with Telephone LCD screen

The analogue telephone mainboard is designed for emergency telephone, waterproof telephone, vandal proof
telephone, prison telephone, public telephone, emergency intercom, elevator intercom , cleanroom telephone, etc.

The new version of the analog PCB is more stable and reliable, with more rich and powerful functions also.

Based on the previous version, we optimized the volume of the buzzer and improved the volume of the ringtone for incoming calls,  added the relay function on both boards, increased the number of speed dial numbers, improved the related circuit, and isolated the amplifier board of the hands-free main mother to avoid the noise, etc.

In addition, we have rectified and adjusted the supply chain of our new motherboard, using raw materials from the best suppliers for production, strengthen the inspection process of the motherboard production testing before shipment, strictly requiring 100% full inspection before shipment. In order to improve the after-sales experience, we have increased the warranty period of all emergency telephone PCBs from the industry average of 6 months to 12 months. At the same time, we promise to provide customers with free maintenance and after-sales service for the entire life of products.

The more detailed information, pls write us at or Whatsapp +86 199 2645 9261, we will share the HD pictures, videos, datasheet, price, and other related information.

The application for the analog handset PCB board as follows: our analog handset PCB with very rich function, you can use it for your own emergency telephone, prison phones, cleanroom phones, inmate phones, or any call boxes, for repair or replacement. It’s a good choice for any industrial communication project.

The application for the analog handset PCB board as follows: Our analog hands-free PCB is designed for intercoms, Such as the elevator, parking lot, railway station intercoms, help point, window intercom, push to talk systems, etc.

Why do we need to upgrade our emergency telephone board?  

This is a very good question. Our senior project manager Ms. Ada has talked about it countless times in marketing meetings. “Because our industry is so special, when an emergency occurs, our emergency telephones must work well, the reliability of our industrial phones are so critical.

There are some potential risks too, in previous projects, some functions need to be temporarily added,  that causes the increased delivery time and increased costs, there will also be potential after-sales risks, which are not good for our customers. We must find a way to solve these problems. “

How do we optimize the emergency telephone PCB board?

 “Our engineer’s team must be responsible for product stability, the production& QA department must be responsible for the qualified technology and perfect functionality of all emergency phones, the marketing department had better recommend the right emergency phone models that best meet customer needs, and the entire team has to respond quickly and solve the customer’s after-sales service. Because in the HeoZ team, our customers always come first.” The same talk from our management team is so touched!

Our marketing manager, Cecilia who organizes and follows up the annual product optimization work. The specific completion work was completed by HeoZ’s engineering team. Each of our team of engineers has more than 5 years of industry experience.

Every engineer has worked in the HeoZ team for more than 3 years. They are very sensitive to industry trends and know what kind of product performance can support our customer’s needs, they all worked very hard in order to serve our clients better and better. Therefore, our motherboard optimization work is proceeding very smoothly.

For the emergency phone motherboard, what is our next plan?

In the next quarter, we will continue to launch optimized and upgraded 3G, 4G motherboards, as well as SIP PCB, SIP video PCB. We will continue to carry out promotional activities to support our customers in sample testing.

In the era of the epidemic, our team will focus on optimizing products and customer service satisfaction. We hope that through unremitting efforts, we can tide over difficulties with our customers. As we promised, we are going to act differently to create a better tomorrow, But we can not do it without your support!

We are so appreciative of all of our partners, clients, friends! We are so proud of you all! More successful project and new products development will notify all of our important customers as soon as we finish it. Our team is always professional, efficient, and flexible to support you.

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