Airport Telephone System

The airport is part of the public transportation network, and this public space is busy almost every day. Whether it is airport employees or arriving and departing
passengers, a large amount of information and communication is required, especially in special situations or emergencies.

HeoZ airport telephone system providing real-time communication that can protect passengers, staff, aircraft, and airport property from accidental, malicious harm, terrorism, and other threats during an emergency.

                HeoZ Airport telephone system features:

      • The Airport telephone system supports free to dial, hotline, group call, call holding, call waiting, call transfer, and call recording.
      • PoE powered, requiring no additional power supply.
      • It is easy to integrate with CCTV system, fire alarm system.
      • Appearance, Logo, and functions can be customized.
      • Two-way video call is available.
      • MTBF for airport public telephone system can be over 100,000hours.
      • All other features as mentioned under VoIP emergency telephone system shall be available in this system too.

             airport emergency telephone system

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